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  1. Looking for a Seacam (larger hole) to Nauticam (smaller hole) conversion piece for my custom Subal housing back.Which has a Seacam eyepiece hole . I'm trying to fit a Nauticam eyepiece. I do not know if these are even commercially made-but if you have one I'd like to buy it.Or maybe a person who can make one if have a source? Mark
  2. I'm interested in the dual cord. Mark
  3. Having service or parts nearby is a plus. I was long ago an Aquatica dealer and parts back then where hit and miss. The truth is once you have everything there's not much to get replaced.
  4. Anyone interested?????-Free to a good home-you pay for shipping only
  5. Blue lagoon on three trips for me-small boat only us two divers -dove the wrecks we wanted avoided others with divers on them that day. More flexible. My 2 cents
  6. Looking to lighten my rig for travel some-Anyone have much use on the carbon arms-either floating or not? Ok I know some are heavier like the floating ones. How are you liking them overall. Mark
  7. I have had 4 aquatica housing and 4 subal housings-I just dove a few days ago along with friend with a brand new nuaticam housing . My choice in order is Subal (parts are hard to get) Nautical (over engineered )parts easy to get. Then Aquatica-for me parts are a also harder being in the US. They all are good housings-I would listen to above guys shooting your exact camera. Mark
  8. Yes I bought it and its in your housing right now. Mark
  9. I to shot that lens a lot with film (f3) as well as the 24mm. No diopters. I had custom extension rings made for each lens with my aquatic housings. I worked the specs thru a guy at Nikon back in the day on finding the exact extension length . There where 4 of us that had all the same gear and made 4 sets of rings one for each for these lens-15mm-18mm 24mm 28mm and a 35mm. switched to Subals in the F5 days Those 4 divers were Tom Campbell Bob Vaughn Kelly Micheal and myself Mark Cortright
  10. Just get a super suit and forget about the seals-It really not going to work long without then clear super suit to keep pressure off it.
  11. Were you using it in macro mode or a wide angle non macro mode-I wanted to use the macro mode with small dome.
  12. Anyone had a recent buying direct experience with Subal? I need a zoom gear for a Nikon AF 24-85mm f2.8-f4 D lens for my ND 800 housing ‚ÄčThis is an odd gear but they show it on their site-I'm located in the US. I know the US distributors cannot get stuff from Subal very easy or at all and I'm wondering if they are shipping direct anywhere these days? Mark
  13. Looking for a Subal focus ring for a Nikon AF 24-85mm f2.8-f4 D lens-its got a macro switch function on the side of lens . it's a larger diameter lens.Same diameter as the focus ring.I think a focus ring would also work. Anyone not using theirs?Cleaning out old Subal stuff? Mark
  14. At depth those plastic housing controls do not work so well as they can move.-just another reason not to mess with them.
  15. He is spot on above-do not buy a junk plastic housing.I started with a Ikelight for about 4 dives .I have had many Aquatica housings and 4 Subals . Subals are my favorite.
  16. Here is photo of the stuff-not sure what models of Aquatica housings will fit this dome and ring. I am just looking to clear it out . I do know it was from a model 5 for a nikon f5. But they switched to this mount long ago so many models can take this. Make me an offer. Godzilla Not included
  17. The diameter is inside diameter. heres a photo-Godzilla Not included.
  18. I have in good condition a 8 inch plexiglass Aquatica dome with heavy duty shade and a 1 inch extension -all bayonet mounts. Make me an offer I need to move it out.Its from a Aquatica 5 housing .Dome has neoprene cover.It also has a few scratches.The extension is 10 centimeters wide at narrowest point. Mark
  19. I sold all my older Aquatica 3 housings for Nikon F-3s long ago and just found this part for that system. Its custom made 3/4 inch anodized aluminum extension ring . It is about 6 inch diameter threaded with o ring. Great condition.Been boxed for 2.5 decades. These fit all the older Aquatica housing #'s and 4's before bayonet mounts came along.I was dealer back in the day and had many custom rings made for various lens. Its free for the shipping cost if you can use one. Otherwise its scrap soon. Mark
  20. Looking for a small used dome port for type 4 mont on my Subal housing. A Zen that fits a type 4 will work as well. Mark
  21. Is the dome port and extension ring a 4 or a 3 port size and would you them sell it by themselves ?
  22. I bought her 45 Nauticam viewfinder a few days ago. Its brand new and was sent priority mail. Showed up today. Her gear is top notch as well as the service. Mark
  23. Looking for a 45 degree viewfinder thats in good condition Part #: Nau-32203. Thanks Mark
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