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  1. Maybe contact Ikelite for some old ones-My guess that have a few dead ones for shipping cost only.
  2. I sent you a e-mail as I'm interested . Mark
  3. I got rid of all my DS200 stuff a year ago-I had at that time just what you needed-your just a year late for me. Sorry.
  4. The leak sentinel V is really nice-I dove it early this year on 40 dives with zero issues. I have a subal housing and I really like the green light. I do not like the backscatter to light unit.Its also to big the leak sentinel V is super small.
  5. I have Vivid's V Leak Sentinel in my subal and love it. I like it better than the one that do not show you a light when all is well. I love the green light while diving-meaning all is well.
  6. Its needs to be sent to Ikelite for service . I had a 161 battery flood at Wakatobi last march-they replaced that and serviced the strobe head. Yours took a hit and needs to be serviced. They will look at it and give you a quote -so if you decide its to much and buy a new one all you will be out is the shipping cost.
  7. I have dove many types over the past 3.5 decades -I like the lighter ones for travel but also l like to float head up if waiting for pick up. Back wings do not do that well. I have had a few. I now like the newer style Go travel BCD from Scubapro. I had an older one but they revised the style and they weigh under 5#s now-good for head up floating on surface as well as light enough to pack well-I'm sure there are now many brands that will follow suit. Zeagle's are also very well made BCDs-check out the weight of any BCD` before you buy and think about how you like to be on surface (orientation) in a long wait for pick up. I think last I counted I owned 9 BCDs and as I speak I have 3 on flea bay for sale now.Sold one last week as well. The other main thing is will it get in the way of taking photos-most modern BCDs do not.
  8. I give a two thumbs up on a ULCS transaction-but heck I have known her for 35 years as we dove together back in the 80's one Santa Barbar dive boats. Also they make quality arms and gear. Good people-good gear-trust them 100% Also bought a Leak Sentinel v5 from Vivid housing for my sub housing -he was also a very good seller and spot on with shipping and product -I give him a two thumbs up as well.
  9. Two weeks in Wakatobi-carryed two 105mm macro-two 60mm macro an 85mm macro and a a zoom 35-70 for topside-all Nikon gear-next trip taking only one 60 and different zoom-I left my ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle at home and that was wise move vis wise.I did have the large dome though for my subal.Also took 3 bodes-next trip only two bodies. I must add that the 85 macro is great addition after 35 years of just a 60 and a 105 for macro work.
  10. Singapore air is the better choice Eva second. Just back from a month long trip-12 flights 5 airlines-6 foot tall SFO to Cambodia 10 days- and then to Wakatobi Indonesia for two weeks Was fortunate enough to have 4 empty seats so I could lay down both long flights.
  11. What setup do you plan on getting the Pop back to with?
  12. I got a new MacBook-pro in January-the 13inch for travel and uploading photos to. my older one was a 2009 I added all the memory and ram they offered and it fast-small and works great. I am a Mac person-with a mini I-pad as well and the larger desktop model a few years old. This new one is light and thin and small.
  13. I bought the 5 from Milo in January asa well as the electric pump-I to modified it with a ring around the push button so it cannot turn on in my luggage. I used mine in Wakatobi for 14 days and 39 dives. I an very pleased with this product .I have learned to use it and it works great and is fast to pump out and make a dive. Nothing like the green flashing light to make you feel safe. Mine is in a Subal ND30 housing. It is smaller than the backscatter one and theirs has no lights to keep you informed on the vacuum holding like the sentinel 5. I recommend this product.
  14. I have shot a 20mm and an 18mm and 24mm all 2.8 lens for decades-1st they where manual lens not not autofocus ones.I only have a 18mm and 20mm now and they are both great wide angle lens. I use a subal housing
  15. I loved that lens for my cropped sensor nikon camera . It was a new tool after all these years with the 60 and 105 option
  16. I am a 60 and 105 shooter since the mid 80s and just picked up a 85 and will try it at at Wakatobi for the two weeks we are there shortly. I'll report back in march.Ju]st bought all new lenses to see what get new stuff is like.I'm still shooting a cropped sensor D30 so the 85 will work fine.
  17. I bought an 85 micro as well since I'm shooting an older d300 not a full frame camera.. Been shooting the 60 and 105 combo for 30 plus years and and a new size lens sounds good.
  18. Thanks I ordered a new 105 vr and a new 60 af-s as well. Now i have some spares.
  19. I have a subal type 4 port housing a Nikon d300-I shoot the older 105 2.8 af lens. I'm off to Indonesia soon and thinking about a apart 105-seems the new ones are all the VR styles now which are bigger but the ports I have will fit them-any feedback on these VR lens. I was going to get another used 1052.8 af but if I heard the VR was super I'll order one now. Tell me your 105 stories I also have a 60 and am taking an 18 and 20 all af 2.8 lens as well as a 17-35 zoom.
  20. Type 4 is what need as I sold all my type 3 ports
  21. I have had 4 subal housing myself and never had one serviced-I'm about to head this winter back to indonesia as well a few weeks at Wakatobi . I'm only a few days UPOS shipment to a subal dealer. I'm on the fence about servicing it.
  22. I have a ND30 for my Nikon D300-its about 10 years old now and have yet to have any issues with the orings-any suggestions on how often I should have this serviced with new o-rings? I have the o-ring kit but would most likely send it to a dealer for this service as it takes time to dissemble the whole thing. It not had that many dives on it and its stored in a cool dark place with main ring out. All controls work smoothly. Any recommendations ? Mark
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