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  1. I have had 4 subal housing myself and never had one serviced-I'm about to head this winter back to indonesia as well a few weeks at Wakatobi . I'm only a few days UPOS shipment to a subal dealer. I'm on the fence about servicing it.
  2. I have a ND30 for my Nikon D300-its about 10 years old now and have yet to have any issues with the orings-any suggestions on how often I should have this serviced with new o-rings? I have the o-ring kit but would most likely send it to a dealer for this service as it takes time to dissemble the whole thing. It not had that many dives on it and its stored in a cool dark place with main ring out. All controls work smoothly. Any recommendations ? Mark
  3. Looking for a spare ND30 Subal housing reasonable priceed-housing only prefered I have one and am looking for another one for another body. Mark
  4. I sold 3 working Ikelite 150s last year that I bought new in 1984-still worked fine-Ikelight did an upgrade on them in the middle 90's. My Ikelite 200s worked since the early 90s to now -sold them last year as well. My SR strobes (not many know this brand still work and they are from the 8o's.
  5. Yes film still works-you can buy it at B&H on the web-I suggest 100 asa The best films I like where Velvia and pro via both are 100 asa and B&H still sells this slide film Getting it developed into slides is a bit tricky as the there are only a few labs left doing that-one is in the midwest Prints are easy but they are prints-slide are better You have to turn your digital stobes to manual on the stobe to shoot a Nikon F-3- Its not a TTL camera .Its best to shoot a range of F stops until you learn the right ones. On the back of my housing you can see that small black plastic plate with the right footage and settings to shoot at various F stops On those two housing I sold you -you will need to change the sync ports to Ikelite bulkhead connectors -you can get them from Helix in Chicago. I shot many many hundreds of rolls thru that housing Enjoy the old gear I will gladly answer any questions on film for you
  6. These are for Nikon F 5s the last of the great viewfinders made for underwater- I also have some f 5s which Im getting ready to put up on e-bay soon-any interest in this stuff. I'm keeping most of my ports for my NA30 subal housing I will post some photos if there us any interest?? I'm selling some (2)Ikelite 200 substrobes all working well and some(3) Ikelite 150's- all have chargers and are working Also a huge set of Oceanic strobe arms and a huge pile of Nikonos lens-15mm 20mm 28mm35mm and all the finders including the nikonos iii large glass finder as well as a modern 15 finder and NikIII body and trays also some 20 inch and 15 inch long aquatica arms-the outers all aluminum some new old stock my name on e-bay is onokai-these start on Sunday night(1/26) Pm me if any of this works for you. Mark
  7. I have shot both lens for years and for me you need them both. I love the 105 and will not leave home without it. The 60 stays in the bag more. Folks above have covered all the bases-I suggest getting them both. Mark
  8. P.A.D.I.=Put Another Dollar In Just my 2 cents after 30 years of Naui divemastering. Mark
  9. (My fiance and I are thinking the Solomon Islands for our honeymoon) I have honeymooned in the Solomons(2002)-it was my second trip-1st on Bilikiki the second on the sister ship (I heard its not running now) I suggest the boat trip over land for honeymoon-take a 10 day or two week trip. Mark
  10. I'm looking at another used housing for my OLD d300 Its a 10ND300SG4 for D300S Does anyone know if a nikon D300 will fit this housing with full controls? I'm not that familiar with the newer d300s Mark
  11. I'm new to shooting digital underwater as well as topside-I have a subal nd30 with a d300 and plan on macro work next month-any suggestion on camera settings?-I'll be shooting a nikon 105 macro lens Thanks for any suggestions Mark
  12. Thanks for the feedback-I called Ike and sent my strobes and chargers in for upgrade to 160-they send me new strobes and chargers for a set fee. This will be my 4th set of Ike strobes-started with them in the 80s with 4 -150 strobes moved up to 4-200s then these 125 now the 160s-There service is great Still have some working oceanic blue strobes and a bunch of smaller SR strobes Mark
  13. I'm looking to get a d300 subal housing (1st digital housing for me after 5 film housings) setup and am wondering if I need new strobes as well. I have 2 older ike 125 strobes -pre digital versions-will they work-if not can ike remodel them or do I need to start fresh? Thanks for any info Mark
  14. I sent you a PM asking for details- Mark
  15. Anyone have one of theses older versions laying around getting dusty?Want to sell it for a reasonable price? I have most of the ports so I really need just a housing. Thanks Mark
  16. Been diving since 82 with a beard and mustache-I like a purge mask and have always used one as it a bit easier to get water out when clearing when holding a camera with no hands for the mask-never use any grease Mark
  17. I recall back in the 8O's talking photo stuff with him-was very interesting guy-We chatted over the years about boats and gear. He will be missed. Mark
  18. Any of you with a subal housing for that old outdated piece of junk D300 want to sell for next to nothing-I'll take it off your hands -They make fine paper weights. Mark
  19. Same for me today Mark
  20. I got one today as well . Mark
  21. I took a first for me step into the digital age this week with a new D300-I'm a die hard film guy who plans on shooting this body topside awhile-off on a 10 day camping trip to backside of Sierra's-Mono lake -Owens valley -Death valley.I'll put this into a used subal housing when you guys are selling them for 1/2 price in a few years.This should be a good training body to learn digital. B) Mark
  22. I have an older subal housing (in mint shape)with no mounting plate for modeling light on top. Its got no flat spot like most subals already tapped but is fairly flat on top. Not really thick enough I feel to drill and tap-any ideas on a mounting plate and attachment?? Mark
  23. You want to go with the coolscan 5000 with the bulk loader (well worth the money) Thats what I di a few years ago-its the only model with a stack loader. Load them up and go to sleep-This is the scanner you want the 9000 does not have a stack loader. Got my setup from b&H.I still shoot film and scan it. Mark
  24. You asked However, are one of the more expensive housings smaller and easier to pack? Specifically, what is better about the Subal housings, over an aquatica, that make them worth the extra money? Yes the subal is-as far as subal over the aquatica-I took both on a month long trip Sorong to Bali a few years back. The subal far away is a smaller easy to handle better made piece of metal. I like the answer of get a subal and d200 as guys will be dropping them like dead flies for the D300-as digital fever keeps folks always geting the latest and the latest is always a few months away in this market You will never wish you had not gotten the subal-get theused d-200 and subal housing and when the day comes to change bodies and housings you just keep the ports and lens and sell all the rest. For 10 k d-200 -subal is in that buget range-keep those 125 stobes as well-if you are worried about all that stuff to pack get out of U/W photo as it comes with the terroritory. The controls and as well as the latches and bulkheads are all laid out better with subal. I own 2 of each brand(aquatica and subal) and have seen a zillion of them and throughout the years its still true-Get the used subal and you may as well get a used d200 so when it floods and its not if its when- you will feel better. Mark
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