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  1. Not to side track your housing venture-as I have 3 or 4 brands in the closet. But what I think your bigger market and need is a better strobe. We all use them at least 2 -3 strobes per diver -I think i have at least 10-15 around. This is an area that has lots of sales numbers as well as huge room for improvements, They could be cordless(wireless) as well as charge without cords(like razors)also be small and powerful and be more field serviceable. Oceanics where king back in the days I started-(80s) then as time went by some small companies came and went , Stobes got huge and heavy- now smaller and lighter is the trend. The market is larger for strobes I feel and so is the improvements needed. Just my 2 cents. Mark
  2. My super coolscan 9000 may still be for sale - make offers. Is this still for sale and what are you asking for it?? what ultralight arms are you selling? Mark
  3. I'm having the same dark issues with mine. I have tried Cors photoshop tips above. Anyone resolve this issue?? Mark
  4. What are yu asking for the camera and finder?? The housing without ports? Mark
  5. Does this housing have a threaded plate on top center for modeling lite?? can you pm me a photo Thanks Mark
  6. I still have a complete set- It is still The Mag- to aim for-all shot with FILM-Fathoms is the only other even close contender. Mark
  7. One of the better spots to send them stateside is prescriptiondivemasks.com I just sent in 5 for various clents all for readers installed-they do whatever you need and well. Not ceap but worth it. As an over 50 old guy welcome to readers in masks you young bucks .If you want to really see well try a nikon sportfinder on a f-5 body- Hey its still shooting film but man it is clear. Mark
  8. You may want to move this to classified section. Mark
  9. This out in todays paper-Its a good wrap up of events http://www.eurekareporter.com/ArticleDispl...ArticleID=22093 Mark Cortright
  10. After looking at various viewfinders (magnifiers). None seem as good as my nikon f/5 sportfinder on my film cameras. Viewing the Lcd screen on the camera back even seems worse. Whats out there that beats a nikon sportfinder for any housing?? I gave up magnifiers in ikelites back in 1983. The thru the lens full frame image is very good in a sportfinder.What's better in the digital world?? Mark
  11. Weather has turned clear now and the gail is blowing to 40 at the Cape . Swell is 12 feet. Lets hope he's on the beach somewhere on the lost coast by now. Mark
  12. This is really more bad news-He will be missed. Mark
  13. This whole mess leaves me angry as well as sad. Cape Mendocino is an extremely dangerous spot-I have no doubt He had tons of experience but the Cape is no place for solo boating yet alone solo diving. I have friends (fellow divers) who tried to talk him out of going at the dock. My friend risked his neck on the dive down His anchor line in big current off the coast guard cutter searching. I do not know the man and looking at his web site I can see he has lots of dives in- but Pt Conception -Cape Mendocino-Cape horn-are not for solo trips. I hope he makes it to shore but the lost coast is a barren place. I know more details than I care to share -Lets hope he makes it -it's day 4 now . Pray for a miracle-I am. Mark Cortright
  14. This is in my backyard-they just called off the search with no luck. Mark Cortright March 19, 2007 4:48 pm US/Pacific Coast Guard Searches For Missing Bay Area Diver (BCN) The U.S. Coast Guard Monday expanded its search for a Bay Area diver and underwater photographer who has been missing for two days. Kawika Chetron, 35, set out alone on his 17-foot Boston Whaler at 11 a.m. Saturday from Eureka on a planned round-trip to Cape Mendocino, Coast Guard Lt. Stephen Baxter said. Chetron was expected to return Saturday night but never arrived. "He told a Good Samaritan where he was going and when he was coming back. A lot of people don't have the smarts to let people know," Baxter said. The acquaintance notified Coast Guard personnel, who located Chetron's vessel just west of Cape Mendocino with no sign of Chetron either on board or nearby. The Coast Guard has been searching by air and plane since Saturday night. Today, search and rescue units scoured the coastline from Cape Mendocino to Fort Bragg, Baxter said. The search includes a fixed wing aircraft from Air Station Sacramento, HH-65 Dolphin helicopters from air stations San Francisco and Humboldt Bay; a 378-foot High Endurance Cutter from San Diego, as well as a patrol boat and life boats. Rescue crews are hopeful that Chetron's preparation and experience are helping him survive the 55-degree water, Baxter said. Chetron was wearing a dry suit with a double liner to protect him from the elements. "It's not like water temperature and air temperature are going to hinder him. He's a super experienced diver and all of his gear is up to speed," Baxter said. Chetron runs the San Francisco-based Coldwaterimages.com, an underwater photography Web site. The site includes images from his dives along the California Coast, British Columbia, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii. According to the Web site, Chetron was born in San Anselmo and has spent much of his life there. He attended engineering school at Harvard and Stanford and began photographing his dives in 2004.
  15. Over the years I have a few friend who are in the underwater salvage and boat recovery bus as well as water dept work. When they need a 3rd buddy thats when I get the cal. They want someone who will not sue and who is comfortable in ZERO visabitity doing dirty sometimes dangerous jobs in wells- holes- rivers and bays as well as the ocean my name seems to come up. Sometimes its work for the coast guard sometimes its a city water supply. My all time worst job was a few years ago on and mostly in a million gallon tank. This is a holding tank that has river water which in that month of april was our rainiest on record and it was snow melt-brown and cold-low 40s. As its river water the mud settles out and when it gets to be around 15 feet deep on bottom we go to work sucking it out. This tank supplies a pulp mill and is the surge tank. My rig is a Kirby Morgan my buddies have aga masks. The mud took 3-4 weeks to suck out with 2 divers in and one on top working 5 days a week in the rainiest month on record. We had full comunication with saftey diver and each other in zero vis for a month. This job was not for the week of heart or maybe for the stupid which I feel the latter may be my niche. Yes the pay was good but not that good and speaking of a guy who is over 50 it was hard on the bod. You need 40 plus pounds on to counter the dredge head. I wore overalls over an old wetsuit to keep from shredding it so soon. You wear through glove quik. I swore i never wanted to see this tank again- which is 40Feet high x 80 feet in diameter. The rig has a bail out bottle upside down on back and all air is surface supplied and depth is under 33 feet regulated by controllers miles away buy radio. Now again they have asked about us doing it again-And I'm actually thinking about it?? This job seperates the sane from the men . Any of you guys looking for fun work underwater-will not even need to bring a camera and leave your fins at home-just bring a suit and lots of lead. Mark
  16. I always check bouncy at surface-I wear USIA(made in Oregon) underware and they are very bouyant-They are also very warm. Its a farmer john with full jacket -under is pagagonia long johns. In the DUI or Nokia suits or Viking- I use 30# and a couple of ankle wieghts. I'm a 6 foot 200# guy. this has worked for many years for me. I never use my bc except to float at surface at end of dive near boat. Every diver will have there own way on what works as I stated earlyier but for me in 30 years of dry suit work this works for me. I can stay in one place till the cows come home shooting macro and stay warm in puget sound the Queen Charlotes or Nor Cal as we as mid cal around Montery in this set up. Heres another set up which is much harder to shoot photo with. Only you older folks will reconize this setup. I'll make a post on it. Mark
  17. Rolls of film are going to be priced for trade in value of one roll for every 2 digital cameras turned in. Should work out to about 6$ per roll. or two dig cameras worth 6$ for pair Added bonus - Sunspots will not be a problem with this film. Mark
  18. Thought this may be intresting showing current trends. Are you cmas-naui-ymca-or the padi one what year certified and level ? keeping in mind this means nothing. I'll give it a start Naui Divemaster 1982 Mark
  19. That great news-some on this board say there is nothing NEW in films future.Seems someone still uses it enough to merit new films devolopment. I know this is great news to my pro friend Larry Ulrich as thats his favorite 4x5 film. Hey you digital folks you even knoe what a 4x5 is?? No its not a wood post. As seen by the above posts there are many look down on film here. Its really a shame as this IS THE FILM SECTION OF THIS BOARD. I'll hold off on blasting digital stuff as its beneth me as I find both have thier merits. Thanks for the film update Ps Alex I did like your photos in your new book. and why would anyone house a f6 with no sportfinder. Mark Cortright
  20. 105 is 1st choice for me- 60 is a fish lens formost 2nd choice. I agree if I have no idea what down there the 60 would go. I shoot film- full frame no crop. Mark
  21. Glad to see the disscusion on dig vs film . I know that film is not well respected here but it is where most of us older u/w guys started. As a film shooter of 25 years underwater with nikon f-3's and now 2 f-5's in subals i have not yet switched to dig. But that said I will get a used dig system in the next few years as guys sell off the old stuff for nickels on the dollar. I feel film still has merits.Yes 100 shots on a dive sounds sweet. The real qusetion that was asked is f-6 got a housing yet?? and the answer is yes-but with no sportfinder why would anyone house one??. I think film as well as dig both have there place. I still have very mixed feelings about fixing images later. Mark
  22. F Dog I have changed out a zillion seals on Nokias and dui's and viking's but whites sews their seals before gluing-how do you change them Out?? If you send them to canada they take forever to turn them around?.Mark
  23. above qoute-I don't use seal saver, the folks at DUI told me that it can make reattaching new seals difficult plus- I also stay away from this product and use corn starch now the past 5 years over talc which I used the 1st 20 years of my diving. Powder the seals be fore storage. Another tip to keep the latex and suit from rotting is live away from any large city- move to a place whaere the air quaility is good-this makes the rubber goods last a much longer time. Mark
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