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  1. As one who has shot film underwater for over 25 years and still does with 5 working systems-the statement back in the day is really about kodacrome 64-now that was hot back in the day The newer trend 90's to recent was Velvia 50 for macro work as well as w/a. Now thats thats gone for most ( still have a bunch in fridge) the Velvia 100 seems the best bet. Film has been kicked down here a bit but still when it works well nothing is better than film for those super snappy shots. Glad to see others using it. Remember they made a trillion or so of film cameras for about 100+ years and those new dig ones are only a few years old so film will be around awhile more I feel. Film is less forgiving and is more costly to work with but hey quality sometimes costs more. Mark
  2. This is the only way to handle it. Thanks for keeping this board clean.Mark
  3. On our 2500 mile boat trip from Sorong to Bali for a month last year we also saw much dynimite damage-especially in the outer islands in remote places. Our operator did a little education to a few villiages on this topic. Some damage was near Kamoda National park . This was all done by Indonesian's. Mark
  4. I doubt Chris Newbert has switched over to dig and most consider him a pro. So I feel the answer is still a yes for some but not most.. Mark
  5. You may want to post this under the digital /housing threads-as this is the film thread.Mark
  6. I have the newer opti WPi. It can take rain etc and go to 15 feet. I got it for wet topside shots in my boat when housings are way to much- works fine for garbage dig shots- Nothing to blow up to big. My wife got our old point and shot soaked(dead) in Indonesia at the whaling village while jumping out of the panga last spring. This one will take that and more and it's just about free for $350 us. Mark
  7. Aquactica used to have one a long time ago-All my f-3 housings have them. The newer Aquactica's do not make noise. Sound and lights is good. Mark
  8. If its fish only and not close up macro-the 60mm is the tops. That said i have to also say the 105 does also work -but the 60 is a great fish lens. Thats what I have been using since 1983. Mark
  9. Wonder if they make a spining disco ball that shinks to the tunes. That would bring in more fish as well. I was hoping for a housing for my fiddle as well. The bow will be a tough one. Mark
  10. Those locations bring back memories for me. We dove them on the Conception in the mid 80's. say 83-88. Great vis great spots only if the weather is sweet. I have some good photos of sheapshead there. Hope you got some great shots.. Next time you see Glen say hello from Mark Cortright-that will shock him ask him how is is dinnerware holding up??
  11. The 17-35 did all that I needed to shoot them last fall. I'd save the $$. I was shooting that lens on a film body(f5)that does change the angle some. Never needed a wider lens. Wish I had shot some 105 or 60 for eye close ups.Mark
  12. I have peli dividers in both my storm cases as well. Works great.Mark
  13. Just got my copy of this Sweet book. Constantinos Petrinos did a super job on it. After spending a month in Indonesia shooting underwater from Sorong to Bali this book really rings true. A great bunch of photos-very well put together. And the whole thing was shot on film. This is a fairly recent book so film seems to be alive and working for some still. Mark
  14. The above post mentions a learning curve which you seem to have time for. If you stick to film-shot some velvia 100 or kodak e-100 VS and get some A&I mailers from B&H photo. They are on special now. Good place to order film from as well. Good place to buy that new Dig body as well. If it was me I'd take both that way you will cover all bases. I still shoot film and the biggest expense is the time to run the scans and mess with all that. That said a spot on velvia shot that jumps off the slide is hard to beat with anything digital. I will make the move when the stuff out now is 1/2 price in a few years as folks move to the next greatest camera. Mark
  15. Juvenile culltefish I believe and a pipefish. Maybe a bobtail squid?? Mark
  16. I have whats called in California scheduled property. That is a list of gear with values that I set. It is a seperate list from homeowners. They pay that price for lost or stolen or flooded. I have had many a repair covered by this when Nikon fixed the bodys or lens or whatever -State Farm reimburses me for the bill. The value I set is always below replacement value as the premuims get high if the list gets to pricey. The is for 24/7 yeararound coverage. . not sure how this stacks up to the Dan and other guys gear coverage's. I update this list as things age or are bought and sold. My old gear has no coverage things like housings and older camera bodies from the 80's . This bill has been high considering it's been running since 1983. Mark
  17. I have used one and carry one. When you need one you really need it. Been in Palua in 85 and wish I had one. Was inh The Solomons when I also needed one and had none. I had one in Indo and was able to use it well. Mark
  18. This is a never used Item. Has the instructions- extra filters-(red) and all parts. Was given to me from a friend. It has a recipt from B&H from 1999. It fits a sony TRV-65 camera which is not included. This needs a home make offer. Condition is a 10+. Mark at lhp3@cox.net
  19. I got mine at B&H camera seemed reasonable to. Mark
  20. This lens is worth every penny. It's was my go to lens for large stuff in my month long Indonesia voyage as well as close focus wide angle work and as the lens of choice for shark shooting in Guadalupe . Super fast and sharp- at least on my nik f/5's film cameras- Mark
  21. I have subscribed to undercurrent since mid 80's. always something to learn. A bit spendy but if you travel worth it. Have written quite a few reviews in it's chapbook as well over the years. Also to Ocean realm till it went bust- it was good but now theres a better one-Fathoms Have taken Fathoms since inception-It's the best out there I have seen currently Started by Bret Gilliam recently sold to others with his oversite still there. Went on a month long trip with him last spring. The heyday of the dive rag seems to have faded Fathoms is the exception these days. Mark
  22. I agree with Alex go for the cash not Product. Back in the 90's calender shots went for $200 a month ( as in June) and the cover was more. Once sold a cover with 9 months i recall the check was for around $1800. That was for a 1 year right to the photo's . That was when Film was King ah the good old days. Mark
  23. d'n days of film- I think he still shoots film from what I read in Fathoms Magizine a few issues ago. There are folks who still shoot the pricy stuff. Never thought he kept the web site current so whats a few years. His book still stands as one of the best collections of all time for u/w images Mark
  24. This seems to go aganist the Doom and gloom talk of the downfall of film. Now why would anyone take a nikon underwater without a sportfinder- that is the question?? Mark
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