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  1. Everyone, thanks for the feedback. I have heard the message and gave up trying to find a single lens that will work for two very different scenarios. I decided to purchase the 28-135 IS USM 3.5-5.6 lens to be the "walk around" lens for topside work and and am borrowing a 70-200 2.8L lens with 2x teleconverter for the Spanish GP. I will decide on which of the more UW suited lenses I will purchase after the trip. Now all I need is more people to release housings for the 30D :-) Thanks again for your help! Greg
  2. Guys, I just got the Canon 30D and from what I can tell, there is not a housing available yet, but that doesn't stop me from preparing for the future. I went ahead and got the "kit" that includes a EF-S 18-55mm zoom lens since it wasn't much more to go with the kit over just the body. I am getting ready to go to my first F1 race (Spanish GP) and plan on taking some photos while there. So, I have been looking at some of the longer lenses so I can fill the frame. Ideally whatever lens I choose would also be useful underwater. I know that's asking a lot, but there it is. Also, I am considering the Image Stabilized lenses figuring they may be useful when fighting currents, etc. Anyone using these lenses on the 350D (Rebel XT) or 20D? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Greg
  3. I just went throught this myself. I acutally purchased a new 20D on sale at Circuit City. The day that it arrived, I decided that I might as well go with the 30D for just a little more. If I am going to spend all that cash on housings and such, I figured I might as well start with the latest version of the product line. Again, it was only a couple hundred more :-) Now I am searching for the right lens for use above and below water. I am thinking the Image Stabalized lenses may be a bonus underwater (considering currents and all). Anyone have some advice? Currently leaning toward a 70-300/4-5.6 IS USM Cannon lens. Greg
  4. Thank you very much. I will give those a shot.
  5. It sounds like you are pretty familiar with the DX-5000G. Any quick advice? (I already read the manual for the housing, camera, and strobe). Of course, the manual for the housing says to use Auto2, but the camera doesn't do a preflash, so Auto1 seems like the right setting.
  6. Yes, I am using the small black adapter. I know it sounds crazy and my testing was NOT scientific, so it could be something else. I will know more when I get back from Bonaire. Greg
  7. One more follow up... We are getting ready for a trip to Bonaire this weekend and I thought I would test everything out since this will be my first trip with my new camera setup. So, I hooked everything up and went around the house taking pictures in varying light conditions and found that I had a problem with the strobe (YS-90 Auto). After about 5 pictures, the strobe would cease to trigger off the camera's built in strobe. I took the fiber optic cable off the strobe and pointed it at my hand and proved that the internal strobe was firing and the light was geting through the fiber (not a broken fiber), so I started trying other things. The last thing I tried was removing the Energizer 2500mAh batteries and putting in some old 1700mAh batteries into the strobe. Once I did that, I took about 25 pictures without a single failure. I swapped the batteries back with a different set of the Energizer 2500s and the problem returned. Looks like I will be sticking with the 1700 mAh ones for this trip until I can figure it out. My setup for reference: Sea & Sea DX-5000G Fiber trigger from housing to strobe YS-90 Auto Strobe
  8. No, I can't. I made a mistake. I am using Photoshop Elements, not Photoshop CS. There is no new RAW plugin fof Elements. I did send one of my pics to a buddy who uses CS and he couldn't open it either. I don't know if his CS haf the latest plugins or not
  9. OK, I have a silly question. I was reading the manual on my new YS-90 Auto strobe last night. It very clearly warns you, on the 1st or second page (under WARNINGS), that you should only use certain types of batteries (like Alkaline, NiMH, etc) and that you should not exceed 1000 mA. Then, further into the manual under the specifications section, it describes battery life and clearly tells you how many shots you can get out of each type of battery. The silly part is that it lists the batteries tested as 1700 mA! So what's the real story? Can you use batteries of greater than 1000 mA or not! Another silly point is that I am simply wanting to use the rechargable NiMH batteries that came free with a camera package I got straight from Sea & Sea! Geez.
  10. If you have this camera and have experience with it, can you comment on a few questions? 1) I cannot open one of the NC2592 (RAW) files with Photoshop. I can open them no problem with the DU-10x (included software), but would really prefer to edit my images with Photoshop. When I attempt to open the file with Photoshop, I get the following error: I have searched adobe's site and a few others and cannot find a plugin or any information to get around this problem. I get the same error if I try to use photoshop to connect directly to the camera and download the images. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any resolution? 2) I timed an image save using a standard SD card (256MB) and it took a little over 80 seconds to save the image to the card (and make the camera usable again). I tried an Ultra2 (512MB) card (supposedly 60x write speeds) and the time came down to just over 30 seconds. Still too long in practice. What kind of times are you getting for NC images? Any way to speed this up? 3) The manual states that you can use up to a 512MB SD card in the camera. Has anyone tried a 1GB card? Does this work? Thanks in advance.
  11. Guys, I just got my DX-5000G and YS90 Auto. Are you guys really having trouble with the built in flash causing a shadow? Are you using the built in diffuser that is in the housing and still having this problem? I tested my setup with the mount piece in place and the shield/diffuser up and enough light still got through to trigger the slave on the YS90.
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