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    Olympus E-PL2, 14-42, 9-18 & 60mm
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    Olympus PT-EP03 with Zen Dome
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    Olympus UFL-2 and Sola 500 photo light
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    ULCS strobe arms
  1. Anyone have the Olympus OM-D PPO-E02 Port for sale - with or without the 12-40mm lens. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I have a 7D with wide and macro lenses. Also have focus light. Would you sell with just one body, no focus light and no lenses?
  3. Any interest in selling just the SOLA setup without the GoPro?
  4. ​I upgraded to an OMD-EM1. I have for sale two Olympus E-PL2 bodies, one 14-42mm lens, zoom ring, 4 batteries with charger and the Olympus housing for the E-PL2. All in very good condition. Never flooded. Asking $525 or best offer for everything.
  5. Do you still have the flip adapter?
  6. I am upgrading to an Olympus OMD. I have for sale an Olympus EPL-2 camera with 14-42mm kit lens and SPARE BODY! Olympus Housing for EPL-2 with zoom gear and flat port. All in excellent condition. Includes 2 new Olympus batteries used just a couple times and charger. Also includes spare housing o-ring. Camera takes great pictures topside and underwater.
  7. I have a 7D and lenses. Would you sell without the camera and lenses?
  8. The Hero 4 housing is good to 40 meters, not 10.
  9. Still looking for one...
  10. PM sent. Interested in the strobe, cable, etc. to add a second to my rig.
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