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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to replace my canon S40 with something a bit more capable. My biggest complaint with the S40 is that I mostly get pics of fish a$$ swimming away from me since the camera is really slow at focusing and even slower at recycling the flash for the next shot. There isn't any way that I can find to reduce the on camera flash to a reasonable level just for triggering so the flash ends up going off full blast or close to it so the recycle time is way too long even though my external flash is ready to go pretty quick. I would consider the slr route but I have a pretty big collection of minolta lenses so I doubt that I'll find a housing any time soon unless I get something custom. Back when I got the S40 a few years ago the choices were mostly the canon or olympus models. Now it sounds like the fuji 810 and some sony models might work. I am tempted to trade up to something faster but I'm more than a bit concerned that I'll be disappointed yet again. Any suggestions? Thanks, Alex.
  2. Hi there, I just returned from cozumel and my first experience with my canon S40 and dx90 strobe. While I was able to get a few good shots I was very disappointed with the completely unpredictable shutter lag when shooting fully manual. I was setting the shutter speed, aperature and focus manually and yet when I hold down the shutter release the camera sits there and thinks about taking the picture for anywhere from 1 to 7 seconds. What the hell is going on? I can't find anyone else ranting about this problem so I'm not sure if this is either a problem with my particular camera or this is just normal and everyone accepts it. Ideas? Thanks, Alex.
  3. I realize that I will undoubtably upgrade later but for now I will most likely be carting my scuba gear in a backpack for a few months so size and weight are important. Also it seems that there isn't a huge selection of slave flashes for digital cameras so I am wary of buying a more expensive one only to need a better one next year. What I'm wanting is to spend enough to get good closeup shots of underwater critters and hopefully have a flash that doesn't weigh a ton. Any more thoughts on selection?
  4. Thanks for all the pointers, I had not realized that the S330 had no manual control. I hate the feel of the plastic sliding cover of the S30/40 but maybe I can get over that because it's supposed to be a nice camera. I like the idea of the 1.8 lense of the olympus but I'm tempted to stick with the cannon because the cannon portable printer works with it and does slightly bigger prints than the comparable olympus printer.
  5. What would be the smallest and cheapest strobe that would actually be worth having? In other words it provides a significant improvement over the on camera flash? This would be used with a small digital camera like a canon S330 or olympus C3040 Would this be the seaandsea YS-25DX Is there a reason not to get that strobe? Thanks
  6. So the question is, what's the most bang for the buck if I'm getting a small digital camera for underwater and perhaps a small slave strobe? One I am considdering is the canon S330 because it is very small. I have not found many examples of photos taken with this camera underwater so I'm a little skeptical when I can find plenty of the olympus C3040 and C4040 examples but I am tempted by the smaller size if the canon. I'd probably plunk down for a canon G2 if they made a $300 housing for it but I can't afford one of those $1000 housings. Comments?
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