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  1. Thanks! I sent you a PM with a few more questions
  2. Hi everyone! I have a Nikon 1 J4 with the Nikon underwater housing. I like the camera, image quality is good (not great, but good enough for my U/W needs) and the housing is superb. I have been using the setup pretty casually for reef dives in the Florida Keys. stuff like this: https://dancopephoto.pixieset.com/g/floridakeys2016/ (decent, especially for the cost of the system) Now I have a trip coming up to the Socorro Islands. So big pelagic animals. Mantas, sharks, bait balls, maybe whale sharks. So the issues/questions: -liveaboard trip took a big bite out of the budget -desire to keep the kit small, light, cheap. -The J4 has a top sync of 1/60, which is slow. Will the strobe be enough light to freeze slowly moving animals? Alternatively is there any way to force/fake/fix this? I know some strobes have an "external auto" function, but thus far I haven't thought anyway around the 1/60th. -Shooting pelagic animals to means wide angles, which to my thinking means A: higher power strobes, and B: probably two strobes. Given this (and the 1/60th) should I even be considering strobes on a modest budget, or should I just go ambient. if the animals are going to be several feet away anyway? -I assume if I tried to do this with video lights they'd be huge and expensive. . . . . . . ...... .. . Alternatively as a last resort, should I scrap the whole J4 thing and get a RX100 mk whatever and cheap housing with a single strobe (budget probably wouldn't stretch to two strobes) I welcome any and all info/advice/answers/opinions:
  3. For sale is a very good condition Sony NEX-7, black kit lens (with caps and hood!), battery, charger, and a good condition Meikon NEX-7 dive housing. The original (quite premium!) box for the NEX-7 and its kit lens is included. All accessories are OEM and not third party (excluding the housing of course). All functions work great with the housing, except the dial that rotates the rear scroll wheel slips. I will try to get it to work better before it ships out, but it may just be a design "feature". To be clear, both of the top two dials work flawlessly. Pics coming soon! Price: $399 shipped! Buyer to pay 3% paypal fee or use gift if they are comfortable with that.
  4. Arms sold. NEW PRICES HOUSING: $500 Strobes + Dual Sync cord: $999.
  5. Dome sold, everything else still available. housing $600 +shipping strobes $600 ea. + shipping arms $200 + shipping
  6. Up for sale is a very nice condition D700 underwater setup. Ikelite Nikon D700 housing: $699 shipped. (never flooded, only been dove a handful of times) Ikelite DS160 Strobes: $650 each, $1,199 for the pair. (BRAND NEW, new used, just replaced NiMh batteries) INON Arms: $250 for the pair. (great arms, very easy to use, and that have 3 joints. Package price for the whole kit is $1,999 Additional photos available upon request. best contact is via email: cope07 at gmail.com Dome port has been sold. 10% discount for local pickup in oakland, ca
  7. For sale is the 5508.05 port for the Nikon 105D Macro. This will not work with the VR (already tried:(). The front of the port has a some light scratches, but not anything that I would expect to show up in photos. If you receive the port and think that they are really unacceptable you can return it. But I would be very surprised. I am asking $120 shipped anywhere in the cont. US. Includes neoprene covers for both front and rear of port. Front cover has 'DCS' initials on it Thanks
  8. Looking for this port setup for my nikon. Interested in both pieces. Let me know. Fastest communication is dbodcl @ gmail.com
  9. email sent, I am interested. Please PM me here or reply to the email I sent you on your website. Thanks
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