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  1. Hi, I used a Sola 800P and while handy during night dives with no particles in the water I found it visually to be like in a blizzard-esque environment when on a dive with lots of particles due to the wide beam. My friend have been using the first version of the RB Blue light since release and are happy with it. I tried it on night dives with lots of particles and the narrower beam helps a lot (60 degrees with condenser lens). Are there any mountable (preferably ball mount), non-canister, dive lights with adjustable beam and adjustable power up to 2000-2500 lumen? Best Regards, Vigfus
  2. Hi, I'm from Sweden, but quickly discovered that diving and the nordic climate wasn't for me. I worked in the industry for a short time some 20 years ago and it almost put me off diving until a friend introduced me to UW photography. In those innocent pre-pandemic times me and my friends did 1-2 trips a year to SE Asia and just marvelled at how much fun and excitement (and sometimes frustration as well :p) there was to be found bringing a camera into the sea. Now we're really looking forward to go back.
  3. A few years back Lufthansa, which was my main carrier from Europe to Asia, started to charge extra for my divebag despite the total weight being under 23kg. So I bought the biggest sturdy, but light weight suitcase I could find (120 liter Antler) and stuffed all the dive gear in one half and clothes together with non breakable camera gear (floaters, clamps etc.) in the other half. Then I would pack my carry-on with the kitted camera as I currently only own a 60mm macro lens, strobes and wet lenses. If someone complains about the carry-on weighing 15kg I show them the gear and I've always been allowed to take it into the cabin despite it being packed to the brim. Now, I'm looking into an upgrade which could mean 1-3 lenses and 1 dome more and I don't see how that could fit in the current space so something need to change. For those of you who use wide angle with a bulky dome, do you send two kolli in the haul, sneak in two "carry-on" in the cabin or how do you manage?
  4. Thank you all for your insights! I've been going back and forth between D500 and D850 for quite some time so all posts are of interest. Do you think there will be a shift with the release of the mirrorless Z6 and Z7?
  5. Thanks for the additional input guys!
  6. Thank you all for the added input - much appreciated!
  7. Thank you for sending med the pictures Wolfgang! The D500 really has an impressive dynamic range. It will indeed be a close call.
  8. Instead of opening a new thread with people missing the good posts in this one I'd thought I'd dig it up Has anyone shot UW with both the D500 and the D850 by now? I've been really pleased with my D7000, but I'm tempted to spend some money before the next stock crash. To give you an idea where I'm coming from I've only used 60mm lens with two INON wetlenses and mainly been shooting macro (I like super macro, but haven't been able to shoot it with my gear, but loved shooting Lady bugs on the last trip with my friends G7X and three wet lenses) in the traditional areas in Indonesia and Philippines. My dilhemma is I do want to be able to shoot wide angle as well and I really want to be able to make relatively big prints (base width of 100-120 cm). Planned usage of the camera: I believe most UW shots in the future for me will still be macro/super macro shots with the occasional wide angle dives/trips. Land wise I'd love to be able to do some proper astrophotography. I'm sitting on the fence debating if it's more useful to get the D500 for it's magnification due to the sensor or get the D850 to be able to print big (in most cases I crop my image to get the exact composition I like). It's a lot of money either way, but as I plan to add new camera lenses, new wet lenses, a view finder etc. the difference in camera body cost isn't that much of an issues as I'll be eating porridge for a long time anyway . It's more about what would be the best camera for what I want to achieve. Maybe it's a case of having the cake and eating it? My fear is if I choose the D500 I will be limited with the printing (biggest concern) and doing wicked land based photography (secondary concern) and if I choose the D850 that I won't be able to get good shots of super macro. Maybe those even aren't valid fears? All input is much appreciated.
  9. I've used the S&S MDX-7000 for a couple of years and have been really happy with it. I haven't tried any other dSLR housings, but this one has been solid with easy access to features and easily handled when I've needed to change battery on the smaller traditional boats in SE Asia.
  10. I liked the friendly atmosphere and good sound quality. I wouldn't mind if you have episodes where photographers during the second half of the show talk about different pictures and the reasoning behind the shot. Technique and animal behaviour to capture any shot is always interesting to listen to. Don't be afraid to let the photographer run off with the story for each picture and then you compliment with questions and remarks when they are done with their story. I think that might help with the story telling so don't be afraid of it being "one-sided" for those parts. I really liked what Serge got into with the moon cycle for some shots and would definately like to know more about when during the year and/or moon cycle etc. you can experience this or that. Looking forward to hear more from you so keep up the good work!
  11. Thanks guys! I've been looking at the 105mm lens as one of the investments to come so this makes the lens itself settled. I've heard that in some cases it makes a difference if you get an older or newer version of the lens. Is "Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF ED" the lens you would go for or an older one? Best Regards, Vigfus
  12. Hi, I've been using my Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 60mm macro lens in a Sea&Sea housing since 2013 and lately gotten more and more into super macro (hairy shrimps, skeleton shrimps etc.). I have two INON UCL-165 (screw on), but still have to crop more than I would like if I take a picture of something like a Costasiella kuroshimae (Sheep nudibranch) and the depth of field gets ridiculous. I'm wondering what kind of options I have in upgrading my system. Would it be wiser to go with a) stronger wet lenses b) teleconverter c) extension tube or do I have other options? What are the pros and cons? If I can get better magnification and better depth of field I'm prepared to invest in a 105mm lens and extra housing parts as well. I'd love to get some extra working distance between me and my subjects as with both wet lenses on the subject is pretty much attached to the glass. I've attached some pictures just to show my cropping issue even though the order became messed up (pic 1 and 3 are from the same picture). Best Regards, Vigfus
  13. Thanks for the added input Otara! Weight might be a bit of an issue since I'm used to bring my own dive gear as well and still manage 23kg with a few grams to spare, but with all the feedback from other UW photographers and forums like this one I think I'm probably, maybe, might go for a D7000 and 60mm lens - at least until tomorrow Best Regards, Vigfus
  14. Thanks for the added input Jim! To be honest I haven't dived in my swedish waters for many years now. Since 2008 we do a three week muck diving vacation in the south east Pacific region in November (when the weather in Sweden is horrible) each year. This year's trip is set for Alor, Maumere and Bali and since Bali was were we started with UW photography I'm really looking forward to this trip. You hade some really nice shots in both the 60mm and 105mm set Jim. I might get hold of a used Sea & Sea housing for the d7000 so at the moment that's the base setup I'm looking at. When looking for ports I used this Sea & Sea pdf chart and looked at the 105mm lens. I couldn't find any extension rings on their system chart for Nikon. I don't know if it's not available with their system, but if it is available maybe a 60mm + teleconverter is a better starting point? Best Regards, Vigfus
  15. Thanks for the added input Paul! After discussing with more diving friends and looking even more at flickr and flickriver I'm leaning towards a 105mm lens and most likely a d7000 or d7100 and sell the 650D. Best Regards, Vigfus
  16. Thank you very much for the input guys - much appreciated! Edit: I forgot to mention I already have the Sola 800P focus light. I've been heading to Asia for macro in November over the last couple of years and it has usually been enough particals in the water to affect the photo (or be an incentive to learn Photoshop). Most seem to suggested a 60mm macro lens for those kind of conditions to avoid to much water between the lens and the subject. I'm thinking I could go with a teleconverter + a 60mm lens. I assume I would need to get a longer port for a setup with a teleconverter. Would it be possible to go with a 100/105mm port in case the next purchase is a 100/105mm lens? I'm thinking that in that case I could just buy a seperate port for the teleconverter at that time and skip the 60mm port since I tend to almost only do close up shots (My type of shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/svpv9704/) or is that not a good option? Can I keep my 60mm lense if I upgrade my camera house to a fullframe in the future? Are there any differences to teleconverters due to brand if the specs say they do 1.4x? Do you pay for a brand or for performance? Best Regards, Vigfus
  17. Hi, I've been doing UW photo for a couple of years and used my last camera, Canon G11, since 2009 and added external equipment over time (2 Inon UCL-165 M67 macro lenses and Inon S-2000 in 2010 and Sea & sea YS-D1 in 2012). Now I won a Canon EOS 650D in a photo contest and was thinking it might be time to move to a dSLR and I'm looking for some input. I've talked macro lenses with my friends who own D800s and they recommended Nikon AF-S VR 105/2,8G IF-ED Micro-Nikkor or Canon MPE65/2,8 1-5x. Both of them are however non-diving friends so I'm not sure how well the lenses fare under water. I have no preference when it comes to brand. I can always sell the housing I won and buy another. With the UW housing itself being quite expensive I'm thinking it might be better to go for a better housing from the start if I'm going to a dSLR. Since I only do macro photography I'm only looking for a housing, 1 macro lens, UW housing and a port for the lens. My budget is roughly USD5000 / EUR4000. How would you make a setup with that kind of budget, the fact that I only take still shots, and what pros and cons would you say the setup will give me? Best Regards, Vigfus
  18. Thanks for the very informative reply troporobo! I will do so in the future. Thanks for the help with the ID Nick! Best Regards, Vigfus
  19. Hi guys, Sorry for the double posting. I spotted this tiny (2-3? cm) pipefish on a day dive in a bit of current in Lembeh, Indonesia. http://www.flickr.com/photos/svpv9704/8255045786/in/set-72157632194977305 A friend thinks it's Pygmy Pipedragon [Kyonemichthys rumengani], but I don't think so. I checked poppe-images.com (despite it being for Philippines) since it had quite a few pipefish, but no luck :/ The second one (fairly big so maybe 5-8? cm incl. the legs (from Malapascua, Philippines)) I'm trying to ID someone called an Arrow crab, but shouldn't he have a longer chainsaw-like snout to be an arrow crab or can they be without them? http://www.flickr.com/photos/svpv9704/8249743011/in/set-72157632183080671 The third one I'm trying to ID is some sort of anemone shrimp (1-2 cm? from Dauin, Philippines) http://www.flickr.com/photos/svpv9704/8250801288/in/set-72157632183080671 The last one is a quite common shrimp (a few cm and also from Lembeh) that usually doesn't bother too much about cover. http://www.flickr.com/photos/svpv9704/8253968033/in/set-72157632194977305 Sizes are pure guesses on my part. Best Regards, Vigfus
  20. Hi guys, Been a diver since the mid -90s. Have worked as a DM, but now I'm content with bringing my point and shoot into the water and marvel at all the new creatures I spot on every trip. Try to head out on one dive trip to the SE Asia region each fall to get a healthy dose of muck diving. Remember to be good and do a good deed or two to avoid getting stuck on Santas backlog
  21. Edit: Deleted this when the Post new topic got unlocked Sorry for playing Jack Sparrow, but I wasn't allowed to post a new thread.Then I realized I was allowed to reply to other threads so I went with the oldest thread I could find to be as nice as a highjacker can be ...
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