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  1. I am looking to ourchase a 6inc dome for Aquatica hiusing and Nikon cam. If you have that for sale.mlet me know please.
  2. Hi, I am new to this . I dive since 1 year now, having my Advance OW . I live in Quebec city where the water temp is about 45f during summer. My first language is french. I go to south 2 or 3 times per year. I love video since many years and love doing montage with Adobe premiere. Last week I did purchase an Equinox Hd6 for my Canon hv20. Yesterday I purchased one Bigblue vl1300 with arm for the Equinox. For now I am diving and testing the housing in the pool. I am planning to do under ice dive and Dominican Republic in April. Question 1 : In DR do I need the light ? When do I use the color adapter in front of the housing ( red ) and when do I use the color filter in front of the light . Question 2 : If anybody use the same housing and camera, how to you setup the camera, focus and white balance. To get the best result. Thank you
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