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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm going to Chuuk the middle of March staying at the TrukStop Hotel the first week and on the Thorfinn the second week. Do you have any thoughts/comments on these two? Any other information you think I should know would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bruce
  2. A buddy and I are going to Truk in March. We will be at the TrukStop Hotel the week of Mar 13 and on the Thorfinn the week of Mar 20. Anybody out there on those dates?
  3. I have an 8080 and it does the same thing. It really has a hard time focusing on infinity. It will focus at half the distance. The shutterlag is horrible. Even with manual everything. I also made sure I had the latest firmware. I called Olympus and after some beating around the bush on their part they finally admitted that this was just the way it was with the 8080. I still takes great photos though so I probably won't get rid of it right away. It's probably one of the reasons Olympus has discontinued the camera after less than 2 yrs.
  4. Has anyone experienced this problem with an Olympus 8080/ DS-125? Iv'e been on only one dive trip with it and I was not pushing the aperature limit. I can't seem to duplicate the problem out of water. Thanks.
  5. I sure this subject has been touched on before and I just haven't seen the threads. I'm looking for an alternate battery for my Olympus 8080. I've heard that some after market batteries may not last as long but I don't consider that an issue. I mainly want it as a backup for topside use when my "good" battery is charging. And I don't want to spend $70 for a backup battery. Thanks.
  6. Has anybody had any experience with a Wolverine unit. They come in 20,30 & 40 GB sizes and are priced from $200-$300. Thanks.
  7. Hi gang, I'm a newby. Have any of you heard about the DS-125 beeping after the strobe has been powered up? I just purchased it new. It beeps about every 12 seconds after it is powered up and ready to fire. The beep is about 1/2 second long and not very loud. The strobe seems to work OK and I have recharged it with no apparent problems. The manual that came with it says nothing one way or the other about beeping. Comments please. Bruce
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