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  1. One vote for wing style BCD for fotographer. Some years ago I put together a backplate & wing system for travels containing a light weight aluminium backplate and Agir wing plus two tank straps. That has been easy to travel with. The only disadvantage is the need of weights but, as Tim explained his system the setup allows you to distribute weight optimal way by using weight pockets - or even put a weight to the tank band if needed. This setup has been extremely good for shooting macro: you don't have any extras in front of you so you can go low if you use angled viewfinder. For wide angle the advantage is not so obvious. However, I would not switch back to jacket style BCD. If you plan to travel with your setup you need a reliable but light regulator. For years I have used Apex Flight with no problems. When I bought it, it was the lightest on the market. Unfortunately, I think, it is now discontinued model. During the years I have had both Scubapro and Apex regs. Both are quality brands and have worked fine. The reason why I switched to Apex is the availability and quality of service in my area.
  2. If it is the same thread as in camera it is NOT 1/4 UNC but 1/4 BSW (i.e. Whitworth thread, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Standard_Whitworth ). The difference is the thread angle which in UNC and metric threads is 60° but in BSW is 55°. If you put a 1/4 UNC screw into the camera you quite probable ruin the thread at least partially. Regards, Mikko
  3. It sounds like you planned to use Tokina 10-17 with a FX sensor camera. I've heared that someone has used lathe to remove the lens hood. If your other option is EF-S10-22 note that the lens is for DX cameras only (EF-S bayonet instead of EF). If you don't need an ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) fileld of view consider to use a 1.4x teleconverter with Tokina to get rid of vigneting. Personally I like the Tokina more than EF-S 10-22 underwater with my Canon EOS 50D (DX sensor) so anyhow it might be a good idea to forget the 10-22 if you don't need a rectlinear lens.
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