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  1. The Nikon 17-55DX is a superb lens above and below the water. With a diopter, you can shoot anything from shrimp to whales in crisp focus. Most of the sharks I have seen (Guadalupe, Cocos) would not get close enough for a 10-17mm, or 12-24. With new sensors providing greater exposure flexibility, I would expect that the lens will become even more useful for subjects beyond the range of a strobe. Hal
  2. I would take the 15, 60, and get a 105 macro with a wet diopter. The 10.5 is difficult to use when there is a lot of backscatter, and Raja Ampat has a LOT of backscatter. Hal
  3. I have tried to do that with the HC7 in the same housing, and have not figured it out. Hal
  4. My 17-55 F2.8 Nikon worked extremely well at Cocos. Anything less would have been too wide, unless you are using a rebreather. This is a supurb lens for Dx format cameras, above and below the water. Hal
  5. The housing is 2 years old. It has been my backup for the ND2. It has about 50 dives, and is in mint condition. The camera body is 2 years old, and in excellent condition. It does have the magnified viewfinder. Asking: $2200 for housing, and 1100 for camera body.
  6. The housing has about 200 dives, almost all from boats. It is recently serviced, and in excellent condition. The camera is 11 months old, and has less than 2000 shutter actuations. The housing does have the magnifying viewfinder. Asking: $2000 for housing, $2500 for camera body.
  7. I have the HC-7 L&M housing with the control knob for WB shifting, But that is not setting the WB, just shifting it. How do you know what to shift to?? It also has the "one push" WB, which seems more like what you should be doing, but that involves menus and sub menus. What do you do with the WB "shift"?? Hal
  8. This is very similar to the problems I have had with my Bluefin for the HC-7. I have had six separate failures of the system in 36 dives. My external monitor died after 3 dives, 3 of 6 lighting batteries have been bad, the charger for the external monitor was bad, and the camera tray release latch has broken 3 times. Quality control seems to be nonexistent. I chose L&M after owning a Tetra housing that functioned flawlessly. This experience has been quite the opposite, and it will be my last with this company. H.
  9. I was just there 2 weeks ago. The viz was great, except for the krill, which is what brings them in. There are so many lights of so many types that you cannot WB for all of them. I used auto with my HC-7, and it turned out great. Hal
  10. I have been to RA twice, and Lembeh once. My photos are on the website with exif data. I would take the 60, 105, 16 (or 10.5). I brought a zoom, and never used it. Hal
  11. You will NEVER be sorry that you bought the 16mm. Hal
  12. I use this lense a great deal underwater. The distortion is much less than with the 10.5. It is a great lens for big fish and divers. Hal
  13. The 17-55 seems to gaining rapid acceptance underwater. I used it on white sharks in Guadalupe, and made 24x36 inch prints which are tack sharp. Anything shorter than 36 mm would not have worked. With the subjects swimming so rapidly, it was nice to have the zoom. Hal
  14. I used the 17-55 exclusively on my Guadalupe trip with no diopter. It saved the day because they rarely got in close.
  15. I did a test dunk of my D2x in Subal housing before a dive. It leaked, and there was very little FRESH water on the camera. It worked fine at first, but died 10 minutes later and was unrepairable, but fortunately, insured. The main o-ring was split; maybe it had been pinched. The point is that this, and probably most DSLRS can tolerate VERY little, if any H2O exposure. I was going to get a backup body, but for the same price, decided on a D200 and backup housing. Hal
  16. We had the administrator for the whole biosphere on the Solmar V 2 weeks ago. She was writing rules and policy the whole trip: 1. Only 6 boats at a time, 2. No sharks baited up to the cages, 3. No lures, 4. No mammal blood for chum, 5. There will be a ranger on every diveboat to enforce the above, 6. No flights to the island, as the Nautilus had already advertised they were doing . Having never done this before, I can't say how much impact this was having, but I got the impression that previous trips had much more up close and personal shark encounters. Apparently, there had been some abuse in the past, and it was publicized for advertising purposes. So, we all pay the price. Hal It was 35-40 mm focal length, not feet. Probably averaged 20 feet. Hal
  17. My shade/collar broke without ANY significant trauma, and I am hearing from more and more people with the same issue. I suspect that there is some defect in design, or material. After replacing the collar, everything was fine, so the watertight integrity of the port is not affected by this problem. Hal
  18. I was just at Guadalupe, and used the 17-55 without diopter, usually inthe 35-45 range. With the new rules and wardens on the boats, very few sharks will get close, and I don't think diopter is necessary when they are 10-30 feet away. Hal
  19. 2 year old Sea&Sea D70 housing, 18-70mm,60mm, 105 mm ports. All in excellent condition. $1500. Will sell D70 body for $400. I have upgraded to D2x. Hal
  20. Steve, That was an excellent and accurate trip report, especially about the seasickness part. The weather was perfect. The boat and crew were great. The guests were all amiable. AND, there were sharks, if not dozens. Hal
  21. The plastic shade/ collar on my Subal dome port broke mysteriously on a boat last week. I obtained a replacement, but it is horribly tight, and I can't get it on. I need it for a trip next week, so don't have time to send it in. Any suggestions? Hal
  22. I have Sea&Sea YS-90 auto strobes, and they will not fire if the hot shoe is pushed all the way in, but it must be exactly 90% of the way in. I have to test it every single time. This is probably due to the same problem. Hal
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