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  1. I have had a 230mm dome crack at 70m, it was rated 100m. So recommend you stick to smaller domes for the deeper stuff, or at least do a test dive with an empty housing if you must have a big dome.
  2. A friend of mine is very happy with the saga mini dome on a cannon with the 8-15.
  3. I used a sigma 15 with a 1.4TC on full frame in Cocos. The real trick is positioning yourself so that the animals come to you. Though usually just as a shark /ray was about to swim into the perfect position some muppet with a GoPro on a stick, chasing a small fish, would come charging into shot and scare everything off.
  4. Nikonos IVA + subalwider add on wide angle lense and Morris aqua flash. All well second hand by the time I got them.
  5. That makes more sense. Does it change the field of view? Adam, No idea. I don't own a 16-35 just noticed that subal recommend a +2 diopter. S
  6. $400 ????!! why not go cheapskate and buy one from subal 73 Euro + tax. Or go onto Ebay and look for 77mm +2 dioptre / close up you can get a selection of different strengths to play with for a few dollars (quality not guaranteed)
  7. I use smug mug which gives a vast number of options: https://srkay.smugmug.com/ Another option if you already have web space is something like http://theturninggate.net/which provides plug ins for Lightroom to generate web pages. There are lots of other options but those are the two I have played with
  8. I know a coule of people who shoot quite happily with video lights, but that's mainly on deep UK weeks without a lot of ambient light. You do loose a lot of flexibility when trying to balance natural and artificial light.
  9. The problem with compact cameras (and full size dslr) is that the cost of the camera is a minor part, once you have added housings, extra glass and strobes the costs rapidly spiral! If you already have an S95 eBay or ads on here may be a good option pull together a decent system.
  10. These were taken with a Olympus XZ-1 in a nauticam housing and a UWL-H100 wide angle adapter + dome. Not going to win any prizes but gives you an Idea of whats possible. https://srkay.smugmug.com/Diving/Chuuk/ S
  11. Well I haven't suddenly started winning photo competitions but I did spend several happy hours practicing macro lighting on a mushroom on the dinning table. A well written book, clear and to the point. S
  12. Put the /lens on a big sheet of graph paper. set up a vertical screen (white cardboard box) behind it and them used a laser level to project a vertical line into the lens and onto a line drawn on the screen, drew lines on the paper to match the laser line then looked for where they converged. it was all a bit rough.
  13. Rough measurement made a while ago, about 38mm from the mount surface with the lens focused at 300mm S
  14. I made one by splicing loops into a bit of rope (good excuse to learn to splice). Just don't do what I did and get complacent, let go of the camera swimming for the shot in 70m of water - it wasn't clipped on! the worlds fastest decent followed, caught the camera and found the wreck.
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