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  1. I believe the “exclusive” bit is just the built in extension. Saga do the same thing. then there is the whole mini dome / big dome debate.
  2. For wrecks you may do better with some big heavy duty clamps from your local hardware store. Will require a bit of bodging to attach the lights to the clamps but once done you can put the lights where you want them and not have to rely on gravity to hold them in place.
  3. What a great video, working a camera at those depths is not easy. Stretched my Spanish to breaking point!
  4. Talk to Strikalite https://www.strikalite.co.uk/prodcat_type/20/ALL/0/Specialist_Battery_Packs.html they may be able to build you one for a reasonable price
  5. might be worth adding a 1.4 converter for the sigma 15 to give a bit more reach.
  6. Tim I will take 10m if it’s not too late Simon
  7. The WACP comes with a nauticam extension/adaptor (100 to 120 ??) saga do an set of alternate adaptors to match other housings - all costs vast amounts of money. I use a sigma 15 fisheye for wrecks, and most other things. If I could work out how to link to photos I would put in a couple of examples, this might work Justicia, Donegal
  8. It sounds to be the same as Hugyfot housings, the port is held on by a normal bayonet but it does not have a safety lock to stop it rotating once engaged. The vacuum system and then water pressure prevents rotation.
  9. I have had a 230mm dome crack at 70m, it was rated 100m. So recommend you stick to smaller domes for the deeper stuff, or at least do a test dive with an empty housing if you must have a big dome.
  10. A friend of mine is very happy with the saga mini dome on a cannon with the 8-15.
  11. I used a sigma 15 with a 1.4TC on full frame in Cocos. The real trick is positioning yourself so that the animals come to you. Though usually just as a shark /ray was about to swim into the perfect position some muppet with a GoPro on a stick, chasing a small fish, would come charging into shot and scare everything off.
  12. Nikonos IVA + subalwider add on wide angle lense and Morris aqua flash. All well second hand by the time I got them.
  13. That makes more sense. Does it change the field of view? Adam, No idea. I don't own a 16-35 just noticed that subal recommend a +2 diopter. S
  14. $400 ????!! why not go cheapskate and buy one from subal 73 Euro + tax. Or go onto Ebay and look for 77mm +2 dioptre / close up you can get a selection of different strengths to play with for a few dollars (quality not guaranteed)
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