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  1. Tim I will take 10m if it’s not too late Simon
  2. The WACP comes with a nauticam extension/adaptor (100 to 120 ??) saga do an set of alternate adaptors to match other housings - all costs vast amounts of money. I use a sigma 15 fisheye for wrecks, and most other things. If I could work out how to link to photos I would put in a couple of examples, this might work Justicia, Donegal
  3. It sounds to be the same as Hugyfot housings, the port is held on by a normal bayonet but it does not have a safety lock to stop it rotating once engaged. The vacuum system and then water pressure prevents rotation.
  4. I have had a 230mm dome crack at 70m, it was rated 100m. So recommend you stick to smaller domes for the deeper stuff, or at least do a test dive with an empty housing if you must have a big dome.
  5. A friend of mine is very happy with the saga mini dome on a cannon with the 8-15.
  6. I used a sigma 15 with a 1.4TC on full frame in Cocos. The real trick is positioning yourself so that the animals come to you. Though usually just as a shark /ray was about to swim into the perfect position some muppet with a GoPro on a stick, chasing a small fish, would come charging into shot and scare everything off.
  7. Nikonos IVA + subalwider add on wide angle lense and Morris aqua flash. All well second hand by the time I got them.
  8. That makes more sense. Does it change the field of view? Adam, No idea. I don't own a 16-35 just noticed that subal recommend a +2 diopter. S
  9. $400 ????!! why not go cheapskate and buy one from subal 73 Euro + tax. Or go onto Ebay and look for 77mm +2 dioptre / close up you can get a selection of different strengths to play with for a few dollars (quality not guaranteed)
  10. I use smug mug which gives a vast number of options: https://srkay.smugmug.com/ Another option if you already have web space is something like http://theturninggate.net/which provides plug ins for Lightroom to generate web pages. There are lots of other options but those are the two I have played with
  11. I know a coule of people who shoot quite happily with video lights, but that's mainly on deep UK weeks without a lot of ambient light. You do loose a lot of flexibility when trying to balance natural and artificial light.
  12. The problem with compact cameras (and full size dslr) is that the cost of the camera is a minor part, once you have added housings, extra glass and strobes the costs rapidly spiral! If you already have an S95 eBay or ads on here may be a good option pull together a decent system.
  13. These were taken with a Olympus XZ-1 in a nauticam housing and a UWL-H100 wide angle adapter + dome. Not going to win any prizes but gives you an Idea of whats possible. https://srkay.smugmug.com/Diving/Chuuk/ S
  14. Well I haven't suddenly started winning photo competitions but I did spend several happy hours practicing macro lighting on a mushroom on the dinning table. A well written book, clear and to the point. S
  15. Put the /lens on a big sheet of graph paper. set up a vertical screen (white cardboard box) behind it and them used a laser level to project a vertical line into the lens and onto a line drawn on the screen, drew lines on the paper to match the laser line then looked for where they converged. it was all a bit rough.
  16. Rough measurement made a while ago, about 38mm from the mount surface with the lens focused at 300mm S
  17. I made one by splicing loops into a bit of rope (good excuse to learn to splice). Just don't do what I did and get complacent, let go of the camera swimming for the shot in 70m of water - it wasn't clipped on! the worlds fastest decent followed, caught the camera and found the wreck.
  18. Couldn't be bothered with painting / coating the floats just used this stuff: http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/products/core-materials/EasyCell75-Closed-Cell-PVC-Foam-Core.aspx The layers glued together with evostick and then the whole lot held on with electrical tape. And a picture by Kieran of it in action on the Justicia
  19. The closed cell foam that is used as core material in composite structures works well. I have used it down to 70m with no problems. Google easy composites.
  20. You need some of these: http://www.nauticam.co.uk/inon-dial-extenders-x2/ makes life much easier. I only bother with an extender on the power adjuster.
  21. Bought a 45 degree view finder from ScubaFinland, excellent very quick transaction. S
  22. Pete is busy trying to forget Truk Ox, he spent a fortune installing his own O2 plant at Blue Lagoon after that trip. S
  23. Don't over think it, they are all brilliant and you will have a great time. One of my favourites was Shinkoko, epic engine room and lots of life on deck. Oite was great but that's trimix depth. Rio de Janiero engine room has to be one of the greatest week dives ever. Photos: http://srkay.smugmug.com/Diving/Chuuk/ Should all be tagged with wreck name.
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