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  1. Are you shooting with a strobe or natural light? If you are using a strobe, the Magic Filter works pretty well on Olympus 5050 cameras, white balance set to auto. I am sure everybody will disagree with this.


    If you shoot in raw, you can forget about white balance in the camera, and do the white balance at home on the computer. I never bother with white balance underwater.

  2. Doesn't matter if it is a wide angle lens or not, here is an examle with a 12mm on 7D.




    The trick is lighting your subject with the gelled flash that color corrects for whatever white balance you are shooting in. My conditions are green water (St. Lawrence River) and not what I want in my images, so my solution is.


    Full CTO on the flash

    Tungsten WB on the Camera


    Straight out of the camera the model skin looks living, and the water blue.


    Really the only post tweaking will be adding some saturation, if you did not pre-set the WB in camera and set to auto you will likely have to select the WB in post that makes sense for the desired outcome.





    That is a beautiful photo Ben, and I admire your model. The skin color in the photo appears to be very natural, and it is the effect I am looking for.


    I will be diving in Utila in June, in blue water. I have Ikelite 125 strobes. Do you have a CTO filter to recommend for such conditions?


    Thank you

  3. Hello Everybody.


    I have been unable to reply to everyone in a timely matter, and I apologize for that I will try to get reply to everyone now.



    have a look here: http://www.tiffen.com/products.html?tablename=filters&filter_format=Screw-In

    I am sure they have the right color to achieve what you want.


    As Morton already mentioned, use the INON Color Correcting filters on my Z-240 strobes and i believe that they work good.




    Thanks Chris,

    I emailed tiffen and they replied that I should talk to the folks at URPRO. I do believe that filters on my strobes might help, and I may experiment with that. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the lee straw filter. I will investigate that.


    As far as front mount screw-on filters are concerned, the answer is yes, I can screw-on front filters. The last time i went diving, I used a custom made, 77mm, fl-b singh-ray filter on the front of my lens. I shoot raw, and I am able to tone down the orange color pretty well, but it is a lot of orange, Using a filter on my lens has always helped me more than just using a strobe alone. (I know that I am far away, but that is the reality of my shooting. ) I look forward to hearing your advice, and I welcome others to add their thoughts.



  5. Many times I look at photos of divers, and the diver is blue. This is true even in popular underwater photography books. Look at the cover of the most popular underwater photography instruction book.


    Here is my actual question.


    I want to use a filter on my lens that has a slight tint, but not as saturated as a magic filter, or fl-b filters, or ur-pro filter. I use ikelite 125 strobes, but I shoot from about 4-6 feet away from my subject. I know i could get less blue faces if I was closer, but divers really don't want the photographer in their face, unless they are modeling. I am not using models, just fellow divers as subjects. If I use an filter from the above choices, I get too much orange in the diver's face, but at least I can tone that down in photoshop. I prefer a strobe shot with filter compared to a strobe shot without filter. I'd just like a less saturated filter. I am not interested in ambient light photography. I am only interested in wide angle photography. I shoot with a sigma 17-70 for my diver photos. I have zero interest in a fisheye lens, such as a tokina 10-17, as I dislike the distortion of fish eye photos.


    Does anyone know of a less saturated filter than the ones I have mentioned above?


    How do you keep your divers from looking dead if you cannot be 6 inches away from them?






  6. I will (soon) probably have the Hero 3 black camera for some snorkeling fun in the Caribbean. I was wondering if using a Magic filter (original style cut for inside the housing) would improve color quality for shallow depth. I will only be using it at snorkeling depth (1 to 3 feet).

  7. To keep the jovial spirit in these D800 threads going (some of them are getting far too serious) - here is the D800 in action today. Rather flashily I have uploaded this using the wi-fi on out live aboard Whirlwind:




    Thanks Alex. That was a fun video in the true Benny Hill style !

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