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  1. Help! I am looking for James Wiseman's article on making a dome port neutral underwater using core cell, here on wetpixel. Your help is appreciated. Thanks! Don
  2. go here to translate the web page .... google translater
  3. Maybe this will help. http://www.ddisoftware.com/printerprofiles/
  4. When I shoot a wide angle, dual strobe shot on a wall.... The strobe closest to the wall tends to over-expose the wall. So, put the big strobe away from the wall, and the weaker strobe closer to the wall. I am not very experienced actually. YMMV
  5. Property of St. Mary's convent (or similar idea). Maybe with an image on the suitcase.
  6. Thanks for the tip Marty and James. I am a photoshop newbie too
  7. A very interesting post. Thanks for sharing. I am very interested in using flash with the Magic Filter, because I can't get a decent shot at less than 1/100 of a second. Oly 5050
  8. I think Photoshop Elements 4 has a panel function to see "before" and "after" results side by side.
  9. Here is an article that you may find interesting. http://www.steves-digicams.com/techcorner/August_2005.html
  10. If you are going to do lots of testing ..... 50 batteries for $18 dollars. Stores charge $3 or more each. Ok absurd, but .... search the net for 1225 battery prices. http://www.batteryspace.com/index.asp?Page...WPROD&ProdID=27
  11. "Is this the Adapter from Matthias Heinrichs? I have heard about it but I have also heard that it's a bit unreliable? Is this true or was a dodgy dealer trying to get me to buy new strobes?" The adapter is from Matthias Heinrichs. The adapter with the Nikonos connection, as opposed to the Sea and Sea connection, seems to work fine. The Sea and Sea connector didn't work reliably. I haven't tried the strobes underwater with this setup yet, but it should work fine. If you get an adapter for your YS 300's, get the Nikonos connection. The strobes will work with either type, in theory. Get the Nikonos connector to be sure. I am using the adapter as a ttl controller only. With my Sea and Sea YS 90 DX strobes, the Sea and Sea connector works fine, and I think the Nikonos endpiece worked fine as well. If you get the adapter, I believe you will be pleased.
  12. Go to a camera shop, and play with the Fuji 550. It is essentially the same camera as the 810 (which is hard to find locally). That will give you a feel for the speed of an 810. I still use a 5050 Olympus, which is also a very slow focusing camera.
  13. No problem firing the strobes. I've got that figured out, and will write more about it after I know it works for sure. I believe I can do TTL and 1/4, 1/2, and full power using a digital adapter with a pt-015 housing, but I need to double check this (in water). So far (in air), it tests out fine, no Tetra case needed.
  14. I think you should use a light blue paper to set white balance artificially, if you are diving blue water. If diving green water, I'd use a green piece of paper. I have never tried this. I am just guessing.
  15. I want to do wide angle photography in Belize. Subject matter with be diver portraits and reef scenics, eels, turtles, and sponges. I want to use dual YS 300 strobes. I might use a wide angle lens, but I doubt I'll use a dome port. I am afraid dome ports distort divers too much. Wide angle lens, maybe, although even that seems to freak out divers, because you have to get too close. So I want some mondo strobes ( I own 2 YS 300's already ), and minimal backscatter. I'd like the divers to not look blue. I'd like to minimize backscatter. ( I really hate backscatter ) How long should the strobe arms be? Should I use the diffusers? Should I use a green filter over the strobes in combo with a Singh-Ray FL-B filter? Thanks for your help
  16. The camera has probably been dropped. Impact will cause these streaks.
  17. Thanks for posting the pictures. Do you think putting a filter on the strobes made a difference in the quality of color in the pictures.
  18. I'd love to see the reults you got with the filters. Can you post some pictures?
  19. http://search.ebay.com/pt-018_W0QQfkrZ1QQf...atitleZptQ2d018
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