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  1. Here is a place that sells lot's of storage devices. http://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/s.nl/c.AC...2/category.3/.f I have decided to use a laptop.
  2. Feel free to use the biggest NIMH batteries you can find.
  3. Firefox remembered me after several hours. IE did not. I think I'll use Firefox on this site That was an easy fix. Thanks, Don
  4. Thanks for the tip Jack. I generally use IE. I'll try Firefox. Don
  5. I have had the disappearing post problem on other forums as well, so now I always copy my reply before hitting the post button, just in case. This post wasn't meant as a complaint. This is a great site. I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong.
  6. I have to log-in manually every time I visit. Hinders the ease of using this site. Do others have this problem, or is it just me? XP Home. SP 1 Google's popup blocker. Norton Anti virus.
  7. These may be the Sipidan photos by Craig that James referred to earlier http://www.wetpixel.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic...ic-t-4864.phtml
  8. Thanks James, I did review the article you mentioned, but I got a little confused, so I appreciate your help. If Craig has a good source of filters, I'm all ears I am eager to try this combo out.
  9. I would like to do wide angle (normal angle) photography in Belize this summer. Mostly diver portraits and reef scenes. I am interested in using a filter over the lens of my camera, and filters on my dual strobes. I have Sea and Sea YS90DX strobes. I have an Olympus 5050 in a pt-015 housing. I already have a Singh Ray camera filter (orange). What filter would be recommended for the strobes? Thank you for your help.
  10. I was in Office Depot last night, and I found some double sided velcro ties. Sometimes I have a sync cord that likes to float into the frame. These ties might help. I have no affiliation with Office Depot. http://www.officedepot.com/ddSKU.do?level=SK&id=369220
  11. I think I read the formula in a book called "Using the Nikonos V", by Jim or Cathy Church. I don't own the book. I think most people ignore the fact that there are two strobes, since apparantly, the arey not additive as we would think, and do the math as if there was only one strobe. I am no expert.
  12. That was a very interesting article about using fat16 on a 4gig partition. I had no idea that could be done. Thanks for enlightening me.
  13. I think I would not recommned the EWA housing. Bouyancy problems, and impossible to control the buttons. Rent a real housing. You'll hate yourself if you use the EWA housing. Think insurance. That is an expensive camera you'll be diving with.
  14. I believe that a standard magnifying glass will not work well underwater. For this magnifier to work, it has to have a gas filled space between two lenses. A standard magnifier needs an air/glass interface. Air has an index of refraction of about 1.0. A water/glass interface will not work too well because the index of refraction of water (1.3 I think) is too similar to the index of refraction of glass (1.53 I think). A standard magnifier might slightly work, but not too well. Actually, If the magnifying glass was made out of a very high index of refraction material, then it should work underwater. Maybe that is how this lens works. I have never seen one.
  15. A very nice shot. It is nice to see wide angle once in a while. 10 meters? I never would have guessed that far.
  16. Wow, great pictures. Too bad you only had the camera for about a day of diving.
  17. A good article. Fun to read. He said he sets white balance for cloudy, and shoots raw mode. Does white balance settings affect raw images?
  18. I was confused, sorry. I was thinking James Wiseman at the time. So, same comment, different name. Great photo Jim !
  19. The first successful head transplant, besides my own! Congratulations! And it was ethically done, so bonus points for you. I am finally getting used to my own new body. I am quite a hottie! If you have a fast internet connection, you may find the following mpg movie interesting. It is a very educational video about man vs beast, fishing in Alaska. (Since I don't have speakers connected on this computer, I am not sure of the actual message.) http://www.ihosseini.com/images/mpeg/Fun-B...0For%20Fish.mpg
  20. Hi Dr. John, Surprisingly, the story was no joke. I'll find the exact article and post it for you or somehow get it to you. I know it seems unbelievable. The title on the front cover of Reader's Digest (large print edition) was something like "LIve Forever". The concept was, cut the old head off of the old body, and reattach the old head to a new body. Dr. Mengele would have been proud. PS. I am 650 years old. :angryfire: Here is the the info I promised: Title: The disturbing world of Dr. White. Subject(s): WHITE, Robert; TRANSPLANTATION of organs, tissues, etc.; OHIO; CLEVELAND (Ohio) Source: Reader's Digest, Nov2002, Vol. 161 Issue 967, p108, 4p, 1c Author(s): Trump, Eric Abstract: Reports on the successful transplantation of the head of a rhesus monkey onto another monkey's body by neurosurgeon Robert White on March 14, 1970 at the Brain Research Laboratory of Cleveland, Ohio's Metropolitan General Hospital. White's conviction that a human head can be transplanted; Opposition faced by White due to his research; Importance of the brain. AN: 8753971 ISSN: 0034-0375
  21. Eric, I'll watch your experiences with great interest. You are a terrific photographer, and I'll enjoy reading your comments ( good or bad ), about the 5050 and pt-015. It would be fun to see some side by side comparisons of the 5050 and the D60.
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