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  1. Hi Reefkeep, I have never had Cobia. I'll bet it tastes great, but not nearly as good as the Gray Angelfish sandwiches that I had for lunch. They were kind of small, so I had two. Delisch Actually, no, I have never had Cobia. I know nothing about the fish. This fish put up one heck of a fight. I wish I'd caught this baby ! I found this while researching Cobia.http://www.fishbustercharters.com/_borders...rs/Image187.gif I'm extra hungry today. I think I'll fry up some nurseshark for breakfast . Soup for lunch. http://www.fishbustercharters.com/shark.htm
  2. This is way off subject, and I apologize ahead of time for that. About 6 months ago I read an article in Readers Digest about an American scientist that cut the heads off of 2 monkeys. He re-attached the head of one monkey onto the body of the other. Imagine his surprise when the reattached head of the monkey tried to bite him. Those monkeys are so uncivilized ! The article went on to tell of this person's(?) retirement. Living the good life. You can imagine the pride I felt for this individual, and how proud I was to be part of his species. As far as which species to use for testing, guess which one I choose. Ok, rant over.
  3. Hi Reefkeep, My comment about wasn't an attack on you. I enjoy these discussions, and I think they help make us more aware. I simply don't understand any kind of hunting. And, spearfishing is hunting. And, it is "sport" hunting, at least in "my" book. I simply think it is an unfair sport, to the fish. The "opponents" are not equally matched. Golf, that's sport Football, that's sport even boxing, that's sport man vs fish. Hardly seems fair. To quote you, "I'll tell you what, shoot a 50+ pound cobia and tell me they are not armed! " It is indeed surprising how aggressive animals get when they are inflicted with a fatal blow. They are so much more uncivilized than us humans.
  4. Thanks for the explaning the Matrix to me. Now, could you please explain StarTrek to my wife. I have tried, but she just doesn't understand the time-warp continuem (sp). I tell her, it's obvious,but she just doesn't buy it. Scheesch !
  5. Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Haven't you ever seen those noodles that kids play with in the pool? They can be cut to size to fit over your stobe arms. Yes they compress, but only so far. Try some on for size, at the depth you usually dive. Experiment with amount. Put on too much, and cut off extra at depth until you get the bouyancy you want. Try not to pollute the ocean with the extra you cut off.
  6. Spearfishing will be a sport when they arm the fish with spear guns. I fail to see how anyone can get pleasure out of killing animals.
  7. It's a start. I just wish there was a picture of the boat burning.
  8. I have a YS 300 that I have never used with a digital setup, but it appears that if I use it in slave mode, it will flash with both the preflash at 1/4 power, and I think at 1/2 power. If the slave is set at full power, it flashes at the preflash, but can't recharge fast enough for the real flash. I have only done these tests above water. So, I think the 300 would work at 1/4 power slave, maybe 1/2 power slave, but not at full power unless your were connected with a cord. The 300 is probably the same strobe as the 350, except the 350 is sealed. So far, I haven't exploded ! I like my 300 for film photography.
  9. This is a link to pictures of my wife and I petting a stingray. http://www.digitaldiver.net/yabbse/index.p...lay;threadid=92
  10. The airlines I have traveled witrh allow 1 carry-on, and 1 briefcase. I carry my underwater video camera setup in a pelican case. That, they consider my briefcase. For all my other treasures, I use a standard (and cheap) 21" carry-on suitcase, with the rolling wheels. I took the handle mechanism out of it, because the handle mechanism takes up a lot of room inside the case. In a 21" carry-on you can put a lot of stuff. I wrap some of my goodies in plastic grocery bags or ziplock bags for some cushioning. I don't wrap it too well, because the security guards always unwrap everything. Also, I always get picked as the random security check, so no need to wrap things too well. Anyway, I try to keep things simple. I have found that compartments take up too much space in carry-ons. I always take so much stuff that I need to cram as much as I can into a small space. I also go to Office Depot, and get fragile stickers to put on my goodies. They are bright flouresent orange. They help me spot my stuff, if it should happen to "walk away" by themselves. I recommend making you your bags really ugly, and really bright. Something easy to see in a crowd. Something a thief might not want to carry. I sometimes lock my carry-on and pelican case after all security checks with those lock ties, although this can be a hassle if you need to get into your stuff, because they need to be cut off to open your case up. My checked bag is a locking suitcase. In it I have a bicycle lock and cable. When I leave my hotel room, I put some treasures in the suitcase, lock it up, and cable it securely to something. It won't stop a determined thief, but it will slow them down, and discourage them a little. I also carry liitle Christmas bells that I put on my hotel doors, so it jingles when it is being opened. I don't like surprise visitors. After being robbed once, I have learned. Good luck.
  11. To see a funny picture, goto http://lumigenic.com/photo/gallery.html and look at the Digital Image Wizardry picture. It made me laugh.
  12. Just copy the response times from the bottom of the page. Powered by XMB v1.5 RC4: Summer Forest © 2001 xmbforum.com Processed in 53.7272041 seconds, 14 queries Wow! Glad we carried that math out to the 10 millionth of a second !
  13. I am trying to decide what kind of camera and housing to get. Your pictures look great. Thanks for posting them. I am interested in portrait pics of divers, so if you have any of these, feel free to post. Thanks again !
  14. I've never posted a picture, but I'd love to see yours. I am sure someone will come to your aid. If you like, email me one of your pics, and I'll try to post it.
  15. Nice pictures ! Did you use an external strobe for any of these, or were they just with the internal flash?
  16. Wanted to buy: Strobe arms and tray to hold 2 large Sea and Sea YS 300 strobes. Advice on manufacturers and retailers welcome. The equipment will be used for wide angle or normal angle pictures, by a beginner. Need something idiot proof.
  17. If you are a registered user of these forums, you may have noticed that it takes forever to go from menu to menu. However, if you log off, then things go much faster. I was about to give up on these forums because of the speed problem. I hope this helps other users. That is why I posted this (offtopic) here.
  18. If I am logged on as a user of these forums, it takes forever to go from menu to menu. If I am logged out, it goes much faster. Hope this helps other users.
  19. Great pics. I love normal angle shots and wide angle. You and the camera did a great job! Now, how do you post pictures in this manner?
  20. I don't know if things have improved in the past 5 years, but there is an airline that flys to Bonaire that is affectionately known as: Always Late Man All Luggage Missing Always Lieing Man If you want to dive with it, carry it on. Otherwise, be prepared to wait for it to arrive 3 days late ( if ever).
  21. It takes forever to go from the forum categories page, to the actual forum. I'd love to see it speeded up.
  22. I will be going to Ambergrise Caye in January. Let me know if you find any shops that rent digital camera gear, or of any shop that seems to understand underwater photography. Also, if you find any sites that you really found phogenic for WIDE ANGLE shots of divers, let me know. Hope your trip is fun and that you get your "picture of a lifetime". Whale Shark breaching ! (GRIN)
  23. I have stayed at Buddies, and I liked it. If they include a truck, then that is excellent, because car rental prices in Bonaire are sky high, like $350 a week (last time I was there was 5 years ago, so things may have changed.) Our room was broken into at another resort (NOT BUDDIES), and so we have learned that the caribbean IS NOT Disneyland. We felt quite safe at Buddies. If you leave anything in your car, expect it to be stolen. If you leave anything out to dry, keep an eye on it, or say goodbye to it. Use common sense. The police on Bonaire really couldn't care less about any problems you have, so if you have problems, get a police report (if you can), and just forget about it until you get home and talk to your insurance company. Our room was broken into as we were sleeping in the room! This was during festival week in Bonaire. Put your valuables in a safe place (wherever that is). Get some bells to hang on the doors, so they jingle if opened. Don't leave ANY scuba gear outdoors unattended, even if it is on your porch on the second floor where nobody should be able to get it. Believe me, thieves can get it, easily! Get a mean dog at the humane society to stay in your room while you are gone. (Bring dog food to help the shelter). Have fun, but don't think the caribbean is crime free, because it isn't. I still like Bonaire, and I intend to go back. The next time I do go, I will sleep with one eye open and "the Club" attached to my car, and maybe one under my bed as well. Bonaire has some of the best diving in the caribbean (at least 5 years ago). Enjoy yourself. Buddies is a nice resort, and Bon Bini divers treated us well, if you decide to boat dive. Klein Bonaire is nice. Good luck. Take lots of pretty pictures, and share your photos with us land locked souls.
  24. See the "accidental" release at: http://www.digitalfocus.net/sections/views.../1DsRelease.htm
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