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  1. If my math is right, the 1000x card is writing at about 500x. Maybe the D800 can't write any faster, or internal processing speed of the D800 is the bottleneck. 70 mbs/s 70/.15 = 467 x
  2. Sorry to go off topic here, but Fred, That is the best explanation on the "proper way to expose an underwater photograph" that I have ever read. Thank you! If you ever write a book or booklet on proper underwater technique, I'll buy it. Don
  3. I find the reviews here are outstanding, especially for the price of my subscription to this website. Thank you for all your hard work.
  4. The sunballs look very good. I am surprised to see them at such a low shutter speed. The dynamic range of the D800 is very impressive. I have a D800, and those huge files are a big challenge ( slow to load ) on my laptop. I may need to go to a desktop computer to deal with these images in Lightroom 4.0 ( Windows 64 bit ). Looking forward to your input on that issue.
  5. I always enjoy your reviews. It will be interesting if the D800 can shoot in natural light wide angle situations (no strobe) and return 36 megapixels of absolute resolution, or if the needed shutter speed for such shots will make natural light wide angle pictures limited to really bright scenes.
  6. I really enjoyed the video. I especially enjoyed the above water shots, as I was curious about that. The underwater shots were very nice as well. The music was nice. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Those are incredible images. The water clarity is amazing, as is the sharpness and color in your images. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
  8. That was a great video. I think lights with magic filter looked just fine. I would like to learn more about the go pro and magic filter.
  9. How many raw frames will the buffer of the D800 hold, before the camera burst rate slows down?
  10. It is hard to beat the video auto focus of an iPhone I am not expecting much from Nikon's video auto focus. I hope I am wrong.
  11. I'd be interested in the housing if he decides to part it out. Don
  12. This site explains the settings used with a 5050. I am sure the 5060 is similar. http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall...up_settings.htm
  13. I am very impressed! Those are some really unique shots. Bravo!
  14. I'll buy your 8 inch dome with base as well. Also interested in the 6 inch dome if it will work with the Tokina 10-17.
  15. I just got an email from Amazon about my expected delivery date for my D800. January 04 - Jan 08, 2013 I am sure that this is incorrect . Edit People are freaking out at Nikonrumors, as many people just got the same email delivery date. What Fun !
  16. See this post for Sea and Sea 120's. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44670
  17. Don't waste your money on these high priced cards. I have a D7000 and a 16 gig 95 MBS Sandisk extreme card that is very slightly faster than my cheap Wintec Class 10 card that I bought at Newegg. You can buy a 32 gig class 10 Wintec card at Newegg for less than $30, including free shipping in the USA. The Sandisk Extreme card was a waste of money, IMHO.
  18. Here is an interesting article about reducing moire with Lightroom 4 beta. I am not not sure how big a problem moire will be with the D800e, but it looks like it could be painful to reduce it. http://mansurovs.com/how-to-reduce-moire-i...om-4#more-26773
  19. Imaging-resource.com tries to explain the difference between the D800 and D800e... http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/niko...nikon-d800A.HTM
  20. Which camera model are people leaning toward, for a camera used above and below water? I am leaning toward the D800 with the AA filter, because I think moire patterns would be a problem with clothing and other fabrics.
  21. I think AA filters are needed for photos of man-made objects. For natural objects, such as underwater photos, I doubt an AA filter is needed. I think I would buy a camera with an AA filter.
  22. I agree with Loftus 100% Looks like D700's are going to hold their value pretty well, if these rumored specs are accurate.
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