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  1. Sorry to go off topic here, but




    That is the best explanation on the "proper way to expose an underwater photograph" that I have ever read. Thank you! If you ever write a book or booklet on proper underwater technique, I'll buy it.



  2. The sunballs look very good. I am surprised to see them at such a low shutter speed. The dynamic range of the D800 is very impressive.


    I have a D800, and those huge files are a big challenge ( slow to load ) on my laptop. I may need to go to a desktop computer to deal with these images in Lightroom 4.0 ( Windows 64 bit ). Looking forward to your input on that issue.

  3. I always enjoy your reviews.


    It will be interesting if the D800 can shoot in natural light wide angle situations (no strobe) and return 36 megapixels of absolute resolution, or if the needed shutter speed for such shots will make natural light wide angle pictures limited to really bright scenes.

  4. ikeStuff-7.jpg


    Hi everyone, I have a couple of ports for sale:


    Ike 6" dome port w neo cover $100

    Ike 8" dome w/ cover and base $150

    Ike 60 Macro port 5503.5 $100


    As well as a strobe system:


    Ike DS125 w/ battery, fast charger and spare battery $750

    Ike DS50 $300 (with spare diffusion covers for this)

    Ike dual sync cord $50


    Take both strobes for $1000 and I'll throw in the dual sync cord.


    Please email me at studio.restless@gmail.com to deal. Thanks for viewing!


    I'll buy your dual sync cord.

  5. I just got an email from Amazon about my expected delivery date for my D800. January 04 - Jan 08, 2013


    I am sure that this is incorrect :lol:.




    Edit People are freaking out at Nikonrumors, as many people just got the same email delivery date. What Fun !

  6. Don't waste your money on these high priced cards.


    I have a D7000 and a 16 gig 95 MBS Sandisk extreme card that is very slightly faster than my cheap Wintec Class 10 card that I bought at Newegg.


    You can buy a 32 gig class 10 Wintec card at Newegg for less than $30, including free shipping in the USA. The Sandisk Extreme card was a waste of money, IMHO.

  7. Seems like a pretty strange upgrade of the D700; despite the 99% certainty Nikon Rumors claims. Sure it's a big MP upgrade, but for most shooters a downgrade in frame rate, high ISO performance etc. Not the type of camera most people want or need. It's more like a D3x upgrade in a D700 body; I'm not buying it.


    I agree with Loftus 100%


    Looks like D700's are going to hold their value pretty well, if these rumored specs are accurate.

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