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  1. I wish you the best of luck in finding a rental for these strobes. If you want to buy them, your odds of success improve. If you don't need the video light feature, you might seek out DS-125 strobes, as I believe they are more common. Good luck.

  2. Well, the race is now on. Anybody care to speculate who will be the first manufacturer to house the a77? I've already seen some on-line reviews where they compare the image quality of the a77 favorably to full-frame cameras costing 4X as much. The image quality isn't quite as good, but it is really close.


    As somebody who does about 50-50 still and video, I can't wait to get a good all-in-one camera so I don't have to take two housings on my dive trips, and choose which camera to dive with. You still people think you have it bad with the macro vs. wide-angle question before every dive. Try adding video or still? :)




    My bet. Ikelite will be the first manufacturer, followed by Nauticam and then Aquatica.


    12 frames per second ( unlimited ? ) would appeal to me. I was taking pictures of cliff divers yesterday.

  3. .... The Sony A77, with AVCHD 1080/60p 28mbps plus a unlimited x/sync. ...!


    An unlimited sync speed would be a very good reason to consider the Sony A77 for underwater photography. If that turns out to be true, there will be strong demand for this camera. I am sure Ikelite will respond favorably if there is strong demand.


    (Not to hijack the thread here, maybe we should start a new one) As far as size goes, pocketable is the size I desire. I know that is a pipe dream for underwater photographers, but for other photographers, Sony is getting closer to that. For example, the Sony HX9V. I know it won't satisfy professionals, but it is a nice, pocketable camera with lots of features for the average photographer. And, it has incredible video.

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