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  1. I hope you find the float that you are looking for, but if you don't find one, go to your local yacht or sailboat fabricator, and ask for some core-cell. A surfboard fabricator may have some, or a product called last-a-foam works pretty good as well. Core-cell is a great float material (it is tough), and you might find some for free if you need to build your own float. Just gotta ask
  2. I like them. And I like that the depth of field is rather large. I am not a fan of razor thin depth of field shots.
  3. Thanks again for your replies, Superman does look like a nice dive. I have watched it on youtube. Jade Mountain looks fantastic, and we will definitely check it out for dinner, and sunset views. Seahorse are cool, but I have decided to leave the D7000 at home. I will bring take my Olympus 5050, and my Sony pocket camera, a TR5, which takes great pictures, and is tiny. I'll also bring along either a Sony HX9V or a Sony HX100V. It will be a vacation without a DSLR. Thanks for tip on the local green beer. I appreciate it. Sometimes a little restraint on trying the local food and drink is advisable. We'll bring along some antibiotics as a caution. I think I'll try to avoid all green fluids Here is something off topic. I am getting tried of lugging the DSLR's around even for land pictures. You can't stick them in you pocket, and you can't leave them alone, because someone will steal them. I am tried of baby sitting these cameras. The new Sony point and shoot camera's take excellent pictures, and in many cases are just as good as my SLR pictures. The only thing the small cameras can't match is the bokah of an DSLR. To get great bokah on an DSLR, you are talking really expensive lenses, except for macro shots. (Macro lenses on DSLR's are not crazy priced. A 24-70 Nikon lens is crazy priced and heavy.) But the camera that takes the best shots is the one you have with you. For me, that is not a DSLR. I can (kinda) see myself not even owning a DSLR in the future. They are too expensive for what a non pro gets out of them. A bridge camera like the Sony HX100V, looks like a camera that does just about everything, and is $450 dollars. It isn't pocketable, but it isn't huge either. A pocketable camera that does just about everything is the Sony HX9V, for $350. Both of these cameras look really nice, and can do photos that are pretty darn good. I think small cameras are the future, and DSLR's will be soon be relics that only pro's will be using. Of course, YMMV
  4. Thank you both for your thoughtful replies. I have been watching youtube videos about St. Lucia, and have come to the conclusion that the diving will be adequate, but not anything to get too excited about. Therefore, the main attraction on this trip (for me) will be the above water scenery and rest and relaxation. I was thinking about housing my D7000 for this trip, but it appears to be overkill for the type of photo ops available. I'll bring my housed Olympus 5050, which gives me perfectly acceptable shots. We will be staying at the Anse Chastane resort. It looks wonderful, and just laying on the hammock on the beach probably beats the diving. I am looking forward to it. Thanks again, Don
  5. Some people think that the buffer size in the Nikon D7000 is too limited. If you need help with your Nikon D7000's limited buffer, you might consider a fast SDHC card. It appears that the Sandisk Extreme Pro cards are the fastest for the Nikon D7000. They are expensive. http://www.amazon.com/review/R2729BA3E82UK...#R2729BA3E82UK7
  6. Does the LCD have a removable protective screen on it?
  7. My wife and I will soon be going to St. Lucia. I haven't heard much about it. I'd like to know if there are any dive sites that are recommended for casual diving. Elaine and I like big things, like turtles and sponges and nice scenery. Not interested in muck diving or wrecks. A nice wall would be wonderful, as I prefer to dive the top of walls. This less rubble, the better. Any sites to recommend, or just as important, any sites to avoid? Thanks in advance for your advice. PS Any topside activities to recommend or to avoid?
  8. I don't think most underwater photographers shoot macros at f2.8, or f3.5. I think most underwater shooters shoot macros at f22, with blinding strobe lights, to get a little bit of depth of field. Just my impression. YMMV
  9. Thanks for the very informative review of the Hugyfot D7000 housing. It looks like a really nice housing.
  10. I really appreciate the hard work you have done for us. Choosing a housing when you live in Colorado is not the easiest project. Thanks for the tips. Now, decisions, decisions
  11. If you're desperate, there are alway the DIY version. A milk jug, and a pair of scissors.
  12. I would like to house my Nikon D7000 camera. If you have a housing for sale now, or in the next few months, please send me a PM. Thanks, Don
  13. Johnspierce. 5 gold stars. I purchased an Ikelite 8 inch dome from him. It was in excellent condition, and well packed, and shipped quickly. Thanks John!
  14. Your pictures look great to me, and I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing your adventure. What lens did you use? PS 130 feet! Too deep for me.
  15. That is a great review! It answered a lot of my questions. Thank you for sharing this information.
  16. Available now at these stores. Best Buy (Store 599) 8923 Bay Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11214 Phone: 718-265-6950 Best Buy (Store 609) Bdwy N Of Houston NY 622 Broadway New York, NY 10012 Phone: 212-673-4067
  17. Best Buy usually has them. My store at zip code 80525 has them in stock right now. Check Best Buy more carefully, maybe by zip code. Here is a printable coupon for Best Buy that will save you 10%, if you find one at Best Buy. Expires May 31, 2011. http://cybernetnews.com/reusable-10-off-best-buy-coupon/
  18. Hi John, I'll buy your 8 inch dome. Thanks, Don
  19. I had a Nikon D300s Ikelite housing that worked fine for me. The port attachment is a little spooky though, although it worked fine for me. I used it in some pretty crappy conditions, such as being towed back to the boat with 10 other divers, when the boat's mooring broke. The seal held tight. I will probably buy an Ikelite D7000 housing soon. I am considering purchasing a Housing Sentry for my housing. http://www.uwcamerastuff.com/housing_sentry_overview.htm I had no problem with the port attachment, but it did not inspire great confidence. It appears to be much more secure with the 4 point lock, than it did with the 2 point lock. I use Ikelite strobes, and I like their built in TTL converter in their housing. So, I would say I am happy with Ikelite. For the price, they can't be touched by any other housing. I do lust for the Aluminum housings, but I can't justify their cost for my minimal amount of diving.
  20. I don't think you could go wrong with Ikelite strobes, with an Ikelite housing, for people photography. The weight is heavy, but the light is the best quality for people photography. IMHO
  21. That was excellent! Thanks for making me laugh
  22. I know this sounds stupid, but on my Canon point and shoot, the internal flash will not work if I have a hot shoe cover on it. So, if you have a the hot shoe covered with a protective cap, try removing it. Good luck.
  23. Maybe a software intervalomer would work for you. I haven't read this site yet, but I use chdk software invalometer on one of my point and shoot Canons with good success. http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/7D see also http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK see also http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to-hack-you...th-chdk-272959/
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