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  1. The Olympus XZ-1 which was just announced (along with an Olympus underwater housing) also looks interesting. I have no idea about the shutter lag on it, but the f/1.8 lens should allow for fast autofocus.


    I am probably wrong, but don't all Olympus cameras have a 4/3 ratio, which makes 4 x 6 prints a painful cropped situation, and wastes space on the screen if viewed on HD televisions?

  2. I am speeding my way towards an SLR purchase at the break-neck speed of 2.25 cm per year. I have actually settled on a make/model, and just to ensure that I spend my $5,000 on hookers instead of a camera/housing,...


    Generally, any housing/camera combination will be a cheaper choice than hookers. YMMV :drink:


    I have dove with the D300s in an Ikelite housing and found it to be good. I don't think you could go wrong with the combination you are looking at, except $5000 will not be enough. But then, that's what credit cards are for. Since the D300s is a couple of years old, you might find something used, and save some money for, let's say ....... lunch.

  3. I really wanted to like the Ikelite housing because of the price point, but I went and tried it out, and found it difficult to use. It was hard to access/turn the knobs for shutter speed and aperture, and in general the buttons weren't as easy to access and push as other housings. I ended up getting the Aquatica 7D housing. It goes for about $2800 USD, so that should come in around 2000 pounds.


    The way buttons feel above water is way different than the way they feel below water. They are MUCH easier to push underwater.

  4. Hi,


    I am going to Borneo in October and part of that will include snorkelling on apparently what is a fantastic shallow reef. I have been advised to take an underwater camera or housing and the only housing which I can afford is an ewa marine housing, which apparently is fine for snorkelling.


    My question is, would a flip video camera get better results than a D300s (which also shoots video) in an Ewa-marine housing?




    Oscar :D

    My best guess is the flip video would produce satisfactory results. I wouldn't trust my camera to an EWA bag.

  5. as i said, i screwed the port onto the base and now I can't get them apart. The base only goes on one way, so there isn't really any way to change things.


    I think the position of the dome hood can be rotated if you loosen the allen screws on the dome hood. I've never triend to change the position of my dome hood.

  6. Any place that makes glasses should be able to cut your len's filter down to size, either for free, or for really cheap. Put an ipod screen protector on both sides of the center of filter to protect the fabrication equipment from scratching the surface of your filter. The fabrication equipment holds the lens in the center. The ipod or cell phone screen protector will prevent scratching.

  7. The Nikon D90 upgrade (D7000) is supposed to be announced mid-September. If the specs proposed hold, it will be a really nice camera particularly for underwater.

    16MP, low-light similar to D700, 1080p with autofocus, 100% viewfinder. I might even have to go back to DX at least for underwater. Switching brands is something that's crossed my mind, but which brand? Sony is really coming on strong in my opinion.

    Sony is looking pretty good these days.


    Last night I tried, and miserably failed, to take a video of my new kitten with my Nikon D5000. No auto focus in video mode. I know the new Nikons will auto focus in video mode.


    My next camera will have good video capablility, especially autofocus. We'll see what Nikon offers.


    You are right though, Canon seems to be quicker to innovate than Nikon. Canon is a much larger company. I'd like to stay with Nikon, but I, like the OP, am open to change.

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