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  1. If you can shoot in raw, then I recommend that you do so. Then you can white balance later in Lightroom. Here is forbidden knowledge. You can shoot using a strobe and a filter. (I wouldn't do this for macro, but I would for close focus-wide angle shots) Just desaturate orange in Lightroom. Remember, I didn't tell you this
  2. If I had a Canon system, you'd be drowning in beer !
  3. I bought my strap wrench from Sutherland's, in the dollar bin. Work great, and only cost 1 dollar each. I went crazy, and bought 2 !
  4. B&Hphoto is usually the best, and it appears they still are. Thanks for helping us and them.
  5. That housing looks really great! Congratulations on a job well done.
  6. Thanks, I ordered 12 of those batteries. I used coupon code E7SEA to save 5%. Shipping was almost $10
  7. The problem with the diameter is that there is not enough room for the circuit board if the batteries have too large of a diameter. I wouldn't have beleved it myself if I hadn't tried it.
  8. 4200 NIMH tenergy batteries from batteryjunction have too too large of a diameter to work. They are .92 inches in diameter. You need .87 inch diameter batteries. .87 inch diameter NIMH batteries are hard to find. Anybody have a source? PS 3800 NIMH batteries from batteryjucntion are listed as same diameter as the 4200 NIMH batteries.
  9. It sounds like you are saving your pictures in jpg mode. It also sounds like you are shooting wide angle. My inexprerienced best guess is to try shooting in raw, and tweak your pictures in lightroom or aperture. But then, I am guessing.
  10. This housing will have 15 boat dives on it, and is virtually brand new. (Actually I haven't even bought it yet. Will be used on a live aboard trip in July) Retail price is $1330 http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=p...roducts_id=3227 Sale price is $1100. You pay shipping. Available July 25th. USA sales only. $100 deposit required to hold it for you.
  11. I'd like to buy a housing for a Nikon D90. Lenses desired also Tokina 10-17 Nikon 12 - 24 Also ports and dome for same. Thanks PM me here
  12. Your images are incredible, and having you explain them does not detract from the awe.
  13. That is a great post, and one that I found very useful. Thank you !
  14. I'll buy your 2 strobes with smart chargers, and your cables. (In other words, I'll buy everything) Thanks, Don PM sent email sent Oops, duplicate post.
  15. I'll buy your 2 strobes with smart chargers, and your cables. (In other words, I'll buy everything) Thanks, Don PM sent email sent
  16. Thanks for the replies. I guess the Nikon D90 makes more sense. The D300s is way too expensive for me. But, now I am am tempted by the Canon 550/T2i. I have some basic Nikon gear, but not so much that I can't be tempted by Canon.
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