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  1. I like your solution, but could you just install the viewfinder upsidedown ?
  2. I am thinking about housing my Nikon D5000. Why you may ask? 1. I already own it. 2. It is a pretty decent camera, and does everything a D300s does. 3. It is only about $500 to replace it if the unthinkable happens. What are the cons? 1. A small viewfinder compared to the D90 or D300s I was wondering if the small viewfinder was that big of a deal buster for wide angle photography. I am thinking Ikelite, because I want my wife to have TTL.
  3. I am surprised that antireflective coatings do anything on the outside of a dome. I learned something here. I thought anti-reflective coatings on the outside of a dome would probably only help for over/under type shots.
  4. Great story ! Now again, how did that giant octopus wrestle that cameraa rig from your hands
  5. I believe Reefphoto can make any gear you want.
  6. Another fashion statement for airline travel ............. http://www.bigpockets.com/catalog/apparel/...equatorial.html
  7. Thanks Gudge. Very good info. I'll have to check gear availability.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I am a little afraid of the Tokina 10-17, as being too wide of lens for my needs. I see Gudge also uses a Tokina 12-24. I have used a 12-24 Nikon lens with a Nikon D200 / Ikelite combo, and was pretty pleased with it for non-posed shots. So my question to Gudge ( or others ), is the 12-24 Tokina satisfactory in a Nauticam 7D for non-posed diver shots ? Thanks again, Don
  9. If you were just taking non-posed snapshots of your dive buddy, which lens choice do you feel is best. Diver would probaly be 4 - 12 feet away. (Yes I know, get closer, but these are just casual snapshops, no modeling. ) Tokina 10-17 Tokina 10-17 with 1.4 teleconvertor. Canon 10-22 Sigma 17-70 other Thanks for your help and comments. Don
  10. bvanant, It appears the PM system is not working for us. Please contact me at my email address camera.rental.wanted@gmail.com I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Don
  11. Those are great tips for people like me who are considering ttl vs ttb. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your replies everyone. Bill (bvanant), I sent you a PM, but I am not sure you received it. Could you please double check your PMs for me, and then contact me again. Thanks, Don
  13. Really nice photos. I am in awe.
  14. I usually prefer color, but the black and white shot is really great. But, I do tend to prefer color. Great photos. Thanks for posting. Please accept my pre-order for your coffee table book. (I am serious )
  15. Finally, a real nudie. A beautiful subject and photo. Thanks for sharing the photo and your technique with us.
  16. I'd leave the DSLR type camera at home, and bring along a waterproof point and shoot. Those EWA bags look really clumsy to me.
  17. I take 1 dive vacation per year, and I have been using photo gear underwater for more than 10 years. I have 25 years of dive experience. I would like to rent an underwater DSLR system for my next dive trip in July. My main interest is wide angle photography. I will not be pushing your dome into a crevice to take a picture of a small critter. If I scratch your dome, I will buy you a new one. Your system will be returned to you in the same pristine condition as it was when it was rented. I would rather rent, than buy, because I just don't dive often enough to justify owning an underwater system. If you would like to rent your DSLR underwater camera, please pm me here. I live in Fort Collins, CO. Thanks, Don PS The live aboard has no rental cameras.
  18. I am interested. I also live in Colorado. I am off to work now. Will send you PM soon. Thanks, Don
  19. If you are rich, buy an aluminum housing with a ttl converter for your strobes. I am not rich. If I already owned 2 ikelite strobes and their associated sync cords, I'd buy an Ikelite housing. A TTL converter for aluminum housing is about $500+. Ikelite housings are big, but are very good. ( I would invest in a second sync cord though if I were using Ikelite strobes ) If I didn't already own Ikelite strobes, then an aluminum housing with Inon strobes and fiber optics would be tempting. Ikelite battery packs, smart chargers, and sync cords are expensive, at least for my budget. However, most people really like Ikelite strobes for wide angle coverage and color temperature. Too bad they don't work with fiber optics. (BTW, I am still diving with a 7 year old point and shoot camera )
  20. Bill, I think this would be a great invention. I am looking forward to watching it's development. Don
  21. Your strobes are flashing in sequence with the Canon pre-flash. They are not firing with the "actual" flash. I am sure someone can tell you how to have the strobes ignore the pre-flash. They'll post the answer soon.
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