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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. But I think I need to clarify my situation...


    I have no interest in video and the D90 is not an option. I don't have a housing for that one. But I can house the D300/s


    I was wondering if it was worth paying extra for the D300s over the D300 based on IQ alone. In particular high iso and dynamic range. And was using dxomarks' test results who claim D90 was better than D300 in these regards to extrapolate the D300s would be better again??????




    This person was not impressed with the D300s over the D300. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/read_opini...p;opinion=43453


    However, if I was going to the expense of changing a housing to fit one or the other, I'd pay the extra money for the D300s. Not really that much more money than a D300.

  2. There's certainly no good reason you shouldn't be able to "get a decent exposure" with a D300 - that's most certainly operator error and most likely not the camera's fault.


    I am sure you are right about operator error, although I am quite well versed in DSLR's and photography in general. If you love doing everything manually, and trying 3 different exposure setting for each situations, the D300 is a dream come true ;)


    However, there is no doubt about the weight difference between the 2 cameras. The weight of the D300 was a huge turn-off for me. YMMV.


    I don't want to hi-jack this topic any more than I have, so I'll be quiet now, and sit in the corner :)

  3. I owned a D90 and a D300. I hated the D300. I couldn't get a decent exposure out of it. Maybe I just didn't understand it's metering, but I really hated the D300. The D90 was a far superior camera to the D300 IMHO. Plus, the D300 weighs too much. It is like carrying a brick around. The D90 beats the D300. I expect the D90 will beat the D300s as well, at least in my hands.

  4. When I click on a thread, I want it to automatically expand to see all posts inside. Instead I have to click on LOFI to expand to see all posts.


    This is driving me crazy. Is there a way around this?

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