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  1. A 60mm lens with large creatures is just going be frustrating. I've tried it, and you have to shoot from too far away form the subject to get a sharp picture. And a macro of a whale shark's eye seems lacking to me. If I was diving with a whale shark, and a 60 mm lens, I'd leave the camera on the boat and just enjoy the free dive.

  2. I have played with a dome on an Ikelite only a couple of times.


    With the dome off of the housing, I moved one of the latches closed (the upper one I believe) and then angled the dome under the closed latch. Then I pushed the dome down on the side of the other latch, and was able to get the other latch closed. It was really was easy using this method.


    Good luck. Hope this helps.

  3. Optical earthquake is superior to digital earthquake, by at least 1.5 aftershocks !


    And yes, the LX3 looks like an interesting camera. Looking forward to playing with one. Photokina is about 2 months away I think. Lot's of new cameras should be coming out soon.

  4. Throw away Lightroom and Photoshop, and the associated books.


    Download the free Picassa program from google, and press the button that says "I feel lucky"


    You'll save youself hours of grief, and get back to having a life away from the computer. Unless you want to publish, you might be amazed by Picassa. I am tired of fighting Lightroom and Photoshop.


    OK, you can sling your bows and arrows at me now :P

  5. 512 megs is the largest XD card it will accept I believe. I have a 1 gig XD card and it doesn't work in it.


    Better to use a 2 gig compactflash card in it which it will accept.


    XD cards are not too impressive speed wise.

  6. I need a new mode dial for my 5050. If you have a dead 5050 with a good mode dial, I'd like to buy it.


    If you have a good 5050, I'd like to buy it.


    Please send email to


    zdonincolorado @ gm ail. c om


    remove the z, and single space, of course.





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