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  1. It should work in any hotshoe, however that battery compartment is probably too large for a m4/3 housing, you should get a CR2450 powered one.
  2. Subscribed to the topic! Although I'd stick to manual mode with my gx80, because of its slow default sync speed.
  3. I was briefly considering the swap to the a7rII from olympus, but adding up all factors, including my laziness I rather downscaled the camera towards the r100iv . If I am "finished" with the rx100iv, I'll most likely baptize my topside GX80 or its successor m43. I simply can't justify the added ~2kg weight and 2+k$ cost of a FF housing, I see the bulk and money costs better invested in strobes/lighting tech (I have 2 subtronic nova's waiting for optical conversion). True, this comes down to what am I shooting: mostly wide angle stuff, very little macro.
  4. I came across a store review of the WWL-1 and an interesting piece of glass showed up there: the Dyron SWAL13. Has anyone tried this, and its narrower siblings on a m43 camera? First round I'd try it on my NA-RX100iv for 4k video shooting, as a cheap alternative to the WWL-1.
  5. I feel what you mean:) I have normally 2 trips a year, a serious one alone and a light one with my family: on the latter I definitely don't bring my full setup. Also on the "serious" trip I do the first few diving days without any camera to enjoy the ride. I don't have any obligations to deliver, it is a hobby and it is 100% my decision how much time I assign for it. Pro's don't always dive with the camera, they often check the site first.
  6. With the emerge of the WWL-1, I am leaning towards the wet-lenses. The wwl-1 specifically is not perfect (heavy and can't be selected rectilinear as the optically inferior inon h100), but I hope there will be serious development efforts here.
  7. Unfortunately you're right . Otherwise I'd consider upgrading my na-rx100iv setup, but my GAS healed enough to dismiss a 6k$ investment (camera, housing, ports...).
  8. I would also consider using a standard zoom and the WWL-1.
  9. I see Unfortunately no one shared a picture on the housing:(. However, it's not too difficult to fit an LED, a small circuit and a coin battery with a little DIY.
  10. In the GX80/85 housings it certainly does, question is if it can be pushed into an old GX7 housing
  11. Everything can be "good enough". You won't need an IBIS providing 2sec exposures if the subject moves in <1/4sec. Unless you shoot chess pieces, there will be movement in the picture. Oly maxed out IBIS, Panny is very close with the current GX85, it's time to focus on other aspects, like c-AF, video codec, etc.
  12. Olympus is a new player in the video field, they were lagging miles behind Panasonic - a setback, which is difficult to correct in a single move. PRO video is not just an Mbps and a resolution number, it is about pixel (over)sampling, sensor performance (rolling shutter, overheating), codec, clean 10bit HDMI out, video-friendly features like Log, Zebra, easy change of settings while shooting,
  13. I just bought a GX80 (EU version of GX85/GX7mkII) for topside and tested: you can sync up to 1/320 with a manual flash (e.g an LED strobe trigger)! 1/250 is perfectly clear, 1/320 looses a roughly 5% band on the top of the image - no concern, if the target you want to light up is below in the "90% portion" of the image.
  14. 200 is the lowest native setting, however extending it to 80/100 brings native-like real advantage (=linear behavior) in noise and dynamic range. mk5 is not out yet, I am wondering if it is coming this year after the Kumamoto earthquake. To bring a real punch, they have to sort out the overheating issue (quite "burning", I had problems in the red sea this february, even in the all-metal nauticam case) and show some performance achievement. Former is easy, read a mod on dpreview that (voiding your warranty) you can DIY (I'll definitely do it before the "shooting season" around christmas). Latter is tricky, the RX100iv has a state-of-art sensor with full readout, I don't expect any meaningful upgrade in <2 years.
  15. Nauticam's WWL-1 is your best bet for WA, just search around wetpixel (I don't have one yet but its on the list). For Macro you have multiple options, I personally use a ucl-165.
  16. I'd say 3000+LM with decent LED color should do the job. Still weaker than a single s2000 though.
  17. For macro night/deep 1800lm is fine. not perfect, but does the job, you can even add a warm diffuser if you are close enough to the subject.
  18. True, I read the story somewhere, that a yacht near Aldabra was hijacked, that's why I asked islands further from the African mainland and Madagascar. Aldabra is just ~200miles from Madagascar while the the Amirantes group is around 500miles from Madagascar and 700 from the Mainland, that's a bit of a difference...
  19. Finally went for the Nauticam housing, dived with it a bit. I am absolutely happy with the workmanship & ergonomy. Considering it has a vacuum sensor (which I paired with a Leak Sentinel valve), and most others don't even offer a port for the valve, I think it was the right call.
  20. AFAIK domes limit your aperture range to f/8 and darker for 4/3, while the WWL-1 allows f/5.6: http://interceptor121.com/2015/11/26/nauticam-wwl-1-macro-port-29/
  21. Does the Subal unit come with an integrated vacuum sensor & zinc anodes? At recent Nauticam housings these belong to the standard setup. Otherwise true, Nauticam has great port availability, however, I would also consider using a flat port and a WWL-1 for wide, and a close-up for macro. For workmanship they are probably equally good. OTOH, Subal is made in Austria, your factory support is on your doorstep, which can be a great advantage:)
  22. I know where to get it new, just wondering if someone has a unit he/she doesn't use. I know where to get it new, just wondering if someone has a unit he/she doesn't use + possibly save some .
  23. I am looking for one of these giants. Optical ttl is an advantage. Must be shipped to Germany or Switzerland.
  24. That is a ninja housing, the shogun is bigger.
  25. He also shoots that FF setup with a zeiss wet corrector lens, designed for medium format cameras, rainbow unicorn category in the used market. Also seen some extralarge domes in his publications. My other favorite "advanced FF shooter" (although not photo but video with RED cameras) is Pawel Achtel: he is comitted to nikonos optics - for good reason. Thanks for the values, saved me quite a bit of research. Thumbnail size images (especially on wetpixel...) don't help much here, one has to find 100% crops or resolution tests at e.g DXO. 20% advantage in resolution doesn't sound too much, it means you get 20% larger prints from the better camera. Game changer might be the new MP monster a7rII with the very-very good sony FE 90mm macro (however it might ask for a diopter, influencing quality). Anyway I think we got a bit carried away from the op, the question is, what is the goal (shooting targets, print/publication sizes) and what gear complexity/weight/cost does the photographer feels confortable with.
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