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  1. update / promo price 150€ +shipping
  2. I m selling my strobe ys d2j , like new , buy in 2019 , but with covid.... and now i make almost blackwater dive with 2 backscatter mf1 , so i didn't use it with nepren cover /box Selling Price 400 € + shipping cost from France.
  3. I am selling a MOBY NOODILAB supermacro lens , up to *3,8 magnification, like new with neoprene bag Price 200 € + shipping cost from France.
  4. submatix

    WTB: S&S YS-D2J

    hello i have one to sell : https://www.forum-photosub.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19554 https://www.forum-photosub.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19554
  5. up everything for 500€.............. shipping possible eveywhere
  6. sorry it is my english , for me oring is =free spare !!! for the tray eveything except this : ( but it's negotiable)
  7. hello , i' m in france ........ :) i could ship everywhere ......
  8. up ! last price , everythig for 500€ :)
  9. yes your right i didn't find sea&sea specification , but it is working :):), it's the most important :)
  10. hello , i just arrived in bali and make the first dive so : yes it works : i use 2 optic fiber one sea&sea and one divervision 613L: the 2 are working :)
  11. i have the new housing so no problem to sell, new price : 890€+shipping
  12. thank you , a multi core cable , but i didn't see this specification in the different webshop , did you have a brand to advise me ?
  13. hello , did some one know if the nauticam trigger ref 26306 ( for olympus omd ) is working with sea sea ys d2 , i read a lot of thing on the web and it seems that this strobe has a different sensitivity ........... ? so if some one could help me thank you
  14. hello , i just make a precision, i go to bali at the end og november so this offers will be suspended in a week .........:) thnak you for your comprehension , or make me an offer .............:)
  15. housing nauticam omd em10: 650 € (1 free spare for the housing ) vaccuum system: 100€ naiticam tray whith a new handle: 80€ (I offer the 2 floats but I keep the 2 T-plates) body omd em10: 220 body omd em10 backup, very little used: 240 3 batteries, 2 chargers total: € 1290 I sell my current configuration to move to the em1 II :) the housing shows signs of normal use and white marks despite post dive rinses / trip but everything is functional no knobs are hard or have a feeling of grains of sand
  16. hello every one i search a nauticam housing for omd e-m1 II......... shipping to france if you have this ........
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