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  1. Hello everyone, So many great pictures so far. Gear is a Canon EOS 20D with Canon EF-S 10 - 22 mm F3.5 - F4.5 in an Aquatica A20 Housing All 3 pictures are taken with natural light. Caption: Mantas Ballet Location: Soneva-Fushi, Maldives July 2007 Datas: 1/90s - F5.6 - 10mm Description: Just below the surface these 8 Mantas were turning around feeding like crazy Caption: Lonely Manta Location: Soneva-Fushi, Maldives July 2007 Datas: 1/45s - F8.0 - 10mm Description: After the show, this manta came back, still feeding Caption: Not a very shy Whale Shark Location: Soneva-Fushi, Maldives July 2007 Datas: 1/250s - F4.0 - 10mm Description: This very cool Whale Shark was feeding at the top of a reef, he lives then came back and cross just in the midle of us. As you can see the water was not very clear because of the large quantity of Plancton in the area. Enjoy !
  2. Hi I just have a deal With Oceanic Focus in Singapore ... very professionnal ... Here is there website: http://www.oceanicfocus.com/catalog/index.php I recommand them warmly. Nico
  3. Just got the BH-HB ... After a little adjustements, it's very ok. Thanks everyone for the help.
  4. Someone at ULCS told me that the BA-HB: can normaly be fixed on the top of the A20 and someone else told me it fits perfectly on his aquatica housing ... Just to keep yo updated ... now i have to try it for myself.
  5. The mesurement you ask are there ... in centimeters: About the infos i get, the AQN won't fit ... So do you think this base: ULCS BA-DBM Female Dovetail Plate w/ Metric Hardware with this BA-DT will do. I can't find anywhere the dimension of the the BA-DBM, to see if it goes on the housing or if it is similar to the 17551 or 17552 of TLC.
  6. Thanks Mike Veitch for your quick answer. I have seen this page on the website, but actually the base with the ball can't fix on my A20, because i don't have a mounting hole alone like, i already have an AD 6mm but it looks that way on the housing: So as you can see, not very stable. This is where I wanted to fix it: I'm going to try with the aquatica dealers also, but if anyone her as an idea, i'll take it
  7. Hello Just get my Fisheye 48DX and now i'm looking for the better way to fix it on the top of my Aquatica A20 housing. I have found the Ultralight AD-SSM for the light, the Clamp, but for the base i couldn't find something good too fix the whole thing on the top of the housing. To all the aquatica users, i need your help. Thanks.
  8. I've just receive my 48DX ... looks very nice ... The brightness of the Light is much better than i have expected reading some comments ... lol And the diffuser makes a very good difference concerning hotspot problems ... Can't Wait July to try it in the Maldives. See you!
  9. Ok Pakman, thank you again for taking time to answer all my questions. I've planned to have the diffuser on the light.
  10. Actually .. Day and night is also a french expression "c'est le jour et la nuit" and it means ... the same as in english ... but i wasn't sure I'm actually a bit desapointed by the output of the 48 on the test ... is the difference so big between the 2 lights?? It looks like the 48 doesn't light much ... I was choosing the 48 for many reason: - Price - Led ... means natural light, low power consumtion, no battery autonomy loss with time - The diffuser give a wider beam But if the output is so "light" i might reconsider my position ... hum ... Packman i don't know if it is to much to ask (again ... what a pain in the a** this french guy ... lol) , but can you make a picture of what the outpout the light give in the a room with a little shadow ... I don't know if i make myself understand right ....
  11. Thank you so much for the pix pakman. I've seen on Reefphoto that they're is a handle grip inside withe the 48 ... but i haven't seen it on the fisheye website .. they only mention it infor the 20DX: http://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/fixlight...x/img/handy.jpg Do you have one? I don't understand your answer at the question of Cor: "Day and night ... but you pay that difference in price and battery Life"
  12. Thank you both for your answers. Pakman: don't you have any pictures of your instalation ... Arnon_ayal: The Fisheye seems to be a little more powerfull than your Fantasea ... maybe the result is better in goodlight conditions than your fantasea I'd really like to see the results ... anyone else ...
  13. By any chance, you don't have a pictures taken in these conditions ... Another quick question on the go, how did you mount it on your housing?
  14. Tks again Pakman .. great Pic. In fact i also don't think that when you use strobes, the fix light will give you a hot spot ... Have you tried it without any strobes? Because I prefer to shout with natural light, i don't like the strobe. So what i liked to know is how much light does this fixlight give ... in natural conditions ... with no strobes behind I hope you understand what i mean by that.
  15. Thanks Pakman. Don't you have any pictures taken withe the lights? Don't you have Hot Spots on your pictures with the Fisheye.
  16. Thanks Ryan, i had found this page just after posting this topic and it is a first step. But I really like to hear and see the results with underwater use.
  17. Hello I've been looking at this website and forum for a while and I finaly decided to post my first message and to start well, I have a question for you. Has anyone use or test the Focus Light Fisheye LED 48DX? I found reviews about the HG20DX, but nothing about the LED one. I'm really waiting for your opinions and even better pictures taken with this light. See you
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