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  1. As always, they are all great photos!!! ...and you call them friends!!! Congratulations in the Open!!!!!
  2. Thanks for this post, it helps a lot!!! Juanra
  3. A few pictures taken this summer of a White Flabelline in SPAIN (Mazarrón, Murcia) Regards Juanra
  4. I am a recently new owner (bought in January 2008) of a E-410 / PT-E03 housing, and after reading this post I am quite scare of using it in the water. I have only so far done 3 dives, 1st dive just with the housing, and 2 more dives with the camera inside. I did not notice any water inside the housing at all. As I read the full manual, I realize I had to take out the eyepiece and the knot belts infront. However since I have only done 3 dives, and after reading what is going on with the upper seal of the camera, I have looked at mine, and yes there is a gap in which I can fit a credit card. I assume, as someone has mentioned before, that due to the pressure, this gap will narrow the deeper you go, however in the first meters of the dive, is where problems can occur. I am definetly going to talk with my dealer in Spain, and ask him to request an explanation to Olympus, and how we can solve it. If possible, I would try to replace the PT03 with the PT05 and upgrade to the E520, I rather spend the upgrade money paying the difference in housing, and buying a new OLY E520, than regreat it in the future and having to throw the PT03 and the 410 to the trashcan.
  5. Thanks Gary, it will be great to see your photos with the 50mm macro, and also photos with the 14-42 mm. Regards Juanra
  6. Phil the photos were taken at La Herradura at GRANADA, south of Spain which is close to the strait of Gibraltar. As I mentioned I am very happy, specially coming from a compact camera like the IXUS. In other forums they recommended me the 50 mm, however due to money reasons I will first practice as much as I can with the 14-42, and later on I will try to go for a macro lens and port. The Athena bracket work fines with the INON and due to the bracket I have the chance to put on top a Fisheye light to help with the focus, although for real macro purposes wth this lens the camera has difficukt on focusing. Still I a quite happy with the equiment I acquired. Regards Juanra
  7. Phil First of all thanks so much for your help on my decision in acquiring this system. I tried last weekend the PT03 - PP05 - 14-42, INon Z240 and Athena fiber optic bracket, and I want to show you my first pictures with this system. Jumping from a compact camera to the Digital Reflex, all are good thoughts and I really think there is huge room for improvement. All pictures can be seen at: www.pbase.com/juanreta Many thanks for all your help, and the article you wrote about this system. Juanra
  8. Phil and Gary, thanks both for your answers and clarification. Regards Juanra
  9. Phil I recently bought the PT03-PP05 port, and using the INON Z240 with the Athena bracket for the fiber optic. I have tried on land, and next weekend I will be trying in water. Doing the practice on land I have notice that the internal flash when is fired, the Athena does not "block the whole flash", since the PT03 housing is clear glass, and there is always light coming from the sides. When you did your practice in the water, did you put some type of "tape" on the PT03 to block the internal flash ??? I am afraid that if the whoe flash light is not block, there will be small spots of "particulars" that will come out in all photos. I am thinking to put some type of tape on the inside of the housing to block the possible light coming out. Also due to the preflash of the OLY camera, how did you set the clear photo system of the Inon, push in or pull out?? Thanks for your help Juanra
  10. Phil very interisting to know that this Port, will support all this lenses. However I have only one question...... Will it have vigneting any of those lenses mentioned above by using this Port?? Have you been able to tried?? Thanks Juan
  11. Thanks so much for the full explanation, I understand now a lot more things for possible configuration...... .......the leaks is a "bis concern" as I am not sure to put a DSRL in the water. With the fiber optics, I reduce the risk quite considerable. I am thinking of the OLY Housing with the Athena system for the fiber-optics....does the OLY housing allows the popup flash on the camera to be raised?? Many thanks JR
  12. I am not a preowner of a OLY 330, but why the LIVE VIEW of the E-410 "cannot be used for underwater photography" and the one on the E330 it can be used ?? Thanks JR
  13. Sorry to invade the post, but I am considering in housing a OLY E-410, with the Olympus housing + an INON Z-240, and you have mentioned that "fiber optics are the better choice"..... .....why and what are the reasons for a better choice on "fiber optics" instead of "electrical sync-cords"? -Of course I understand that with an electrical cord connector there is higher risk for a leak than with fiber optics- Thanks four you help in advance JR
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