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  1. Hi everyone....I am looking for a camera tray for my Light and Motion Titan D100 housing...PLEASE, can anyone help? Thands in advance, john
  2. Thanks for that Mike! It looks like we will have a ton of options to sort out! Great post by Drew on it, we will keep up our research....btw, a great post by you on the magic filter! your comprehensive review will help me shoot with mine with a little more confidence! Thanks Mike, keep up the good work!! Aurabest, john
  3. Greeting All, it has been a while since I have posted since the week before our Nekton trip to the Bahamas my computer crashed and burned. To make this short, I ordered a new one from the office at Nekton 2 hours before boarding the vessel for a week-long trip. The nice person from "Texas" assured me that it would be delivered to the same office when we returned as our flight back to Cayman was the next day. All of that worked out and I am posting this from my new pc. OK...lets get on with it. My wife is the most patient buddy I could have ever wished for. Since I take my camera on every dive, she helps me look for subject material and seems to enjoy the dives but needs something more than watching me shoot. Katie enjoys her u/w mp3 player and has developed a crowd of "groopies" that seem to enjoy her music too. On the Nekton trip, one of the divers on board offered his video camera set up to Katie to take on a dive. Since majoring in media in college, she was a natural to it....like a fish to water! The first video Katie shot was great. Even though the conditions were not very good, her footage was clean, steady, etc. like she had been shooting u/w video for years. Now comes the Santa part.... Dear Santa....I have been very pleased with my L&M Titan for my D100 that you brought last year, and the lenses I have purchased over the past have really helped my photos. Now, if you could bring a video camera and housing and lights and lenses and whatever other kit my wife needs, I promised that I have been good all year....Since I have no clue when it comes to video, can you recommend something for us? I have just now started reading the video forum on wetpixel.com and there are so many talented shooters out there that they may want to post ideas too! We are looking into a used kit here on island next week, anything to look for aside from obvious signs of neglect or abuse? My wife Katie is small and can tell you that my current still set-up is a bit big for her...the kit we tried in the Bahamas was compact and easy for her to manage and get decent results with.... I can already tell that I will be following her around instead of the opposite...Payback time Johnnie!!! Oh hell, same day- same ocean buddy system may be the case from here on out.... Seriously, if anyone has any thoughts on where to go with this, please advise...the new Sony HDV would look nice under our tree with a big red bow on it!! Aurabest, john p.s. some pix from the bahamas trip can be found here: http://www.pixeldivers.com/bahamas
  4. Hey gang.....I finally have my 17-35 Nikkor.....putting the Sea and Sea zoom gear on, I noticed that the teeth on the housing do not mesh with the gear on the lens. We pushed it on as far as it would go, still, the zoom knob would not engage. As frustration mounted....we tried a Subal gear for grins.....Presto! It took a heat gun to expand it enough to fit on, but the gear alignment is correct now and that is one less headache solved before our trip next week. As we all have experienced at one time or another, or in the future....modifications are needed and the bottom line is to "Git 'er Done" Looking forward to getting in the water with it now....get some time with it before the trip.... Aurabest, john
  5. I agree Alex....Both of my floods came in through the shutter button, not really an end-user servicable o-ring. Luckily I sorted it out in time.....dried them out in a shoebox with hair dryer overnight, then pressure tested to 160 and they checked out ok. Both my 5's sit in a cool dark place now....as the D100 is so much easier! john
  6. I have to say that I enjoy both wide and macro. I reserve macro for night dives as shooting a fisheye lens in the dark is pointless. I have managed some great close ups of so many cool things. Dual Seahorses, blennies, choralimorphs....but during the day, a super wide shot of the reef, divers, boat on surface, turtle, your own fins, etc. cant be beat....I find I like both equally enjoyable, depends on what I'm after which lens combo I head out with....As a matter of fact, I have been undecided on a lens for an upcoming trip next month. I have a super wide angle, 10.5 fisheye, and 2 macro lenses....Happy to say that I picked up my 17-35 f2.8 tonight and can't wait to get in the water with it....Right now, the line up will be, My 10.5 with Alex's Magic Filter....17-35 for the dolphins/sharks/rays....and the 105 for schooling/mating seahorses! If it is in the budget...cover the bases! Wide, medium, close up This probably didn't help....Go on...just spend the money!
  7. Good stuff Lambis! We are looking forward to the posts! I am well pleased with mine in just one test dive....the images can only get better the more you use the filter!! Aurabest, john
  8. You're probably correct...thinking back on the dive and by the reef in the upper left....it is most likely the wall down below me....thanks! john
  9. Thanks gang for the replies.....I do realize that the water in the second image is so flat, but , actually it was that color....lots of particles stirred up by the surge...I do know that I shot more straight ahead rather than down as you suggest Alex. I will keep that right in front of my mind the next time out with it....One more question about using the filter and how it works.....I have shot the 10.5 for a while and have never noticed vignetting before....the following pic was shot in a hurry with no set up at all as the eagle ray fly over our heads coming out of the pinnacle...is this a normal function of the filter? Thanks again for the quick replies!! Aurabest, john
  10. p.s......these are straight out of the camera...just resized for posting purposes... john
  11. Here is the second one worth a post... depth: 22 feet ss: 1/100 a:f7.1 I know the compositions need some work but I was just trying to figure out the WB procedure. Seemed to work well, I am very pleased with the performance of the Magic Filter. I can't wait to get back in and work with it..Not having to brave the surge and waves with arms and strobes made it a treat for a change! Thanks Alex for the advice and a Great product!! Aurabest, john
  12. Hey gang...just got in from Babylon...Anyone who has dove this site knows how spectacular it is...Not the best site to try my new magic filter out but I did manage to figure it out (sort of) and get a few images. The conditions were not the greatest as surge had the bottom stirred up and the clean water was out over the wall...fairly deep...the first image: depth: 47 feet Titan/D100 Nikkor 10.5 Magic Filter SS: 1/50 A: f5.6
  13. Hey Alex! Thanks for the very prompt service! My filters arrived in Cayman yesterday, Friday, and now that I am off, the west side is friggin poundin'....haven't gone around to Cobalt or Turtle Farm, but doesn't look good for trying the filters out today...I will get in somewhere tomorrow with them....I hope I can figure this White Balance out once I'm in the water!! Thanks again for the quick service!! Aurabest, john
  14. I cant wait! Mine were shipped last week by Peter.....I hope the Post Office here in Cayman understands the urgency on delivery!!! As they say here..."soon come" Well, not soon enough for me!! Come on already! For those that have theirs, get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot! Then, Post! Post! Post! We want to see! Aurabest, john
  15. Excellant Job Mike! Congratulations! And congrats to all the winners and for Alex and BSoup for making it possible for all of us! Look forward to doing it again!
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