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  1. I have used my Sigma 70-200 f2.8 for years now and have loved it. Sharp and fast, my only issue with it now is a slight squeaking noise on close focusing...Other than that, I love it....bought it used from a friend with a 1.4 and 2.0 sigma teleconverter.... Iguana shot off the front porch with the Sigma 70-200
  2. Good morning all! I have been searching for another lens/port/gear set for my Light and Motion Titan housed D100. I have a flat port and ext. ring for my 105 macro, and a Sea&Sea big Dome port for my 10.5 fisheye. I would like to purchase a 17-55 f2.8 but can't seem to find a configuration to work, any suggestions? Thanks for help in advance, John
  3. [Read this thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8123&hl= ] I had similar problems with mine, by removing the batteries out of the grip handles, the ROC is reset. By inadvertantly pushing 3 roc buttons at the same time, I locked the board up. Removing the batteries reset it and it worked fine. Also, one of the led's on the right side of the board would not light and that took another tray to resolve. Give it a try, hope it works out...keep us posted! aurabest, john
  4. Hey Giles....get out there and get 'em!! Heading to Little Cayman to look after a friend's pickup...no diving , but, after it's fixed we can stay at their place whenever we want...FREE!!! I will be back Monday afternoon if you fancy Orange Canyon or maybe Turtle Reef....Let me know and we'll stay off the bevies 'til after!!! Have a good weekend... Aurabest, john
  5. Even though we (shore) dive the same site all the time, Orange Canyon and Big Tunnels still offers something new and exciting every dive! Aurabest, john
  6. I agree totally with all of the above. Just fantastic stuff. My Mom is visiting for her 83rd birthday and she remembers this stuff from WW2! Thanks for the posts and the memories for her!!!! As I said, you are ALL an inspiration to me!!! Keep up the Great work! Aurabest, john
  7. I too am considering a lens...Now the question is the 12-24 or 17-35? These are the only options I have with my current housing/port combo. Titan/Sea & Sea Dome....I have read these posts and still can't make a decision...Eagle Rays and men in gray suits is what I will use this for....can't afford both nor do I feel I need both. My 10.5 does wonders behind the dome and just need that boost for rays and sharks....any guidance Alex and all??? Aurabest, john
  8. Morning Giles....missed you at the bakery...Katie and I are planning on the Guadalupe trip as the Sardine Run only has 1 spot left....the SA trip looks like the most intense thing a person could do....maybe if there are cancellations, katie and I could sign up too!!! Have a good one....I see the streets are filled with thrill-seekers already... Aurabest, john
  9. Eric, do you still have spots for the '06 Guadalupe trip? Aurabest, john
  10. Oh man, decisions decisions...Guadalupe or SA???? Someone tell me where I'm going? Giles, you going for sure? Sent the dosh in yet? Look for you at the usual spot in the morning... Aurabest, john
  11. That's IT! I am going right down there today and buying that 12-24, and somehow convince the mantas to take a cruise to Cayman. HA! Great stuff as always Mike!! Now get out there and shoot some more! Aurabest, john
  12. Good stuff here gang! I have to say that I am inspired and taught by so many photographers, including folks right here at Wetpixel. By far my favorite and most inspirational has to be Richard Avedon. I had a chance to view his "Portrait" exhibit at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art in New York. These bigger than life black and whites were amazing. The photography world said good bye to one of it's best last October. Here is a link, hope it's o.k. to post it here. http://www.americanphotomag.com/article.as...0&page_number=2 Thinking I'll load the Nikonos with some T-Max and head to Sting Ray City!! Thanks for the great posts on this one! Aurabest, john
  13. Glad to hear that you got somewhere with it, if even in the pool...It is still Thursday in the Cayman Islands but I will look for your post when you return from your 2-tank....If the problem persists....make sure the tray is "square" with the camera body...there seems to be such minimal margin for error, especially with the 60mm nikkor...my setup has been fine since the last adjustment with every lens I use....Re-assure the rig's owner that it will work out....Light and Motion will do their best to help, but it will require sending the housing to them for "service" These slight adjustments should do the trick....let me know if there is anything or advise on..... Aurabest, john
  14. I shoot with the same set-up and have had the exact same problems in the past. After fine tuning the shutter release lever with a small allen key- backing it out for longer throw, the problem corrected itself. Also, I did notice that the camera tray can twist just slightly on the D100 body and that small amount can cause the release lever to not quite push the shutter down all the way to fire. I hope all of these posts from very qualified members help sort your guest out. Tell her to load it all, leave the back door off and look at where the lever contacts the shutter. You can see how a small amount of adjustment could make all the difference. Good Luck!! Aurabest, john
  15. Thanks for the info Dave, I will record the contact info and next time up, will look in on them! Going for a swim....flat out back!! Get off the couch Giles!!! john
  16. I can't say for sure whether or not my sigma cap is the culprit...it has had a nikon cap on it for a while now...but a sigma cap has been on it in the past....all of my other lenses seem to function correctly on the D100 so I think I will just send the lens for repair...capturing wild blue iguanas in little cayman was hectic and a lot of lens changing going on...no telling how or when...we can put this to bed now and focus on repairs...thanks for the input guys....by the way Dave, can you email me the Nikon contact in Miami for future reference? We normally have to fly thru Miami to get to anywhere else from here...could come in handy in the future....I also have a freight forwarder there and they could send things back and forth for me!!! Aurabest, john
  17. Thanks Dave, I wish I was going to NYC with my bride so I could have both checked....Since we live in the Cayman Islands, it will have to travel to get sorted out.... john
  18. For anyone who hasn't followed the saga of my over-exposure problem with a 60 Nikkor Micro....the folks here have helped me figure it out....the lens is broken on the inside..possibly from having stuck a sigma cap on the rear in haste....don't like changing lenses in the field....however, the lens has to take a trip with my wife to New York for repairs...the lens not my wife...she stills works great ...my advice from this: Use the supplied rear cap that came with the lens when you bought it!!! If you have a different cap on yours that did NOT come with the lens, change it now if it's not already too late. My thanks to all who sorted me out on this dilema...the current thread is here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...7&st=0&p=55241& thanks all, john
  19. Thanks Paul, Jean....Just now conducted the test as advised..... , it's toast....don't know where or when....maybe a sigma rear cap....at any end this lens needs repair...I am just thankful for everyone's help as over the past month I have pulled what's left of my gray hair out and beaten myself up over being just horrible with a camera....could not have sorted it out without y'all!! Thanks!!! Hopefully Nikon can fix it and it wont cost the amount of a new one....maybe they will take it on trade for the first round of bevies at Giles birthday party!! Aurabest, john
  20. Okay guys, what a difference a working lens makes...just got back from the Turtle Farm and the 105 macro seems to work much better. The 60 will travel to NYC for repairs next week...I wanted to post pix from the 60 yesterday and one from today, but I couldn't bare to post such junk...here is a "right out of the camera" from about an hour ago...just the image size was changed to fit on here and for a quick load...Thanks again for the help! Aurabest, john
  21. Thanks for that consideration William...just did a quick test on my monitor...seems to be no difference in exposure from 3.3 to f32...tried it again on my bride....same result...AHA! We have found the answer!!! Thanks for that!! Good thing my wife is heading to New York next week...maybe it can be fixed!!! You people ROCK at wetpixel.com!!!!
  22. Thanks Alex, I will head out again this morning...The Queen's Birthday has given me the day off and I will head back up to Turtle Farm...Yesterday I tried the strobes on full, backed all the way off with ROC, then, TTL, and 1/2 power and all got the same results, I finally turned the strobes completely off...I have no problems with the 105 in similar conditions.....I will keep you posted...will post an image with shooting data...thanks again, john
  23. Hey all, I seem to be clueless with my 60 macro in shallow water. No matter what settings I try, I seem to get washed out, overexposed images. Shallow equals 30 feet or less...I first turned the two Sea and Sea 120's completely off, then, at f32 and a 640 shutter, results are just a fuzz better....ISO 200, matix or spot, white balance auto or cloudy-2, or direct sunlight....any suggestions? Thanks in advance, for the great advice always given here! I Love this place! Aurabest, john
  24. Good evening everyone! Well, as hurricane season approaches (June 1st), we here in the Cayman Islands are watching Adrian...not fully recovered from Ivan the Terrible and here we go...should be slightened as it passes over the Central Americas.....our prayers and thoughts are with everyone in it's path now and throughout this season....I love living in the Caribbean but man, does the viz stink during these storms...the local news just announced that there is no immediate threat to the Cayman Islands....Good luck to all of us this Hurricane season!!! Aurabest, john
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