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  1. I believe some have tried and failed to get reliable operation with the YS-D1's
  2. That is awesome!! I love the Narrator He's hilarious!!
  3. I agree with the change in music for the credits. And Like others I kept waiting for a front on shot of the divers. Nice video, I really enjoyed it. The length is perfect.
  4. i held off upgrading for quite a while. I figured that the changes didn't warrant an upgrade. However, once I did upgrade I wondered why I didn't do so earlier. As Stewart says the camera is a dream to use. Focusing is fabulous. IQ wise, I found that it is a pleasant incremental improvement. Overall it is a wonderful camera and I don't think you would regret the upgrade.
  5. looks like you had a fabulous experience. you have some good shots
  6. I wonder if Aquatica is working on something similar.
  7. I'm sure the quality on the AW-1 is better but the depth is almost the same as my AW100
  8. Holy frack that is some shot. I checked out some of your other photos on Fickr and see that you are an amazing photographer. thanks for sharing your work.
  9. great video! I really enjoyed the cohesiveness of the music with the subject and footage edits. Very enjoyable.
  10. No, I haven't received a reply
  11. Awww shoot, and I just bought the current version. Oh well, such is life. Interested to hear more nevertheless
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