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  1. I believe some have tried and failed to get reliable operation with the YS-D1's
  2. That is awesome!! I love the Narrator He's hilarious!!
  3. I agree with the change in music for the credits. And Like others I kept waiting for a front on shot of the divers. Nice video, I really enjoyed it. The length is perfect.
  4. i held off upgrading for quite a while. I figured that the changes didn't warrant an upgrade. However, once I did upgrade I wondered why I didn't do so earlier. As Stewart says the camera is a dream to use. Focusing is fabulous. IQ wise, I found that it is a pleasant incremental improvement. Overall it is a wonderful camera and I don't think you would regret the upgrade.
  5. looks like you had a fabulous experience. you have some good shots
  6. I wonder if Aquatica is working on something similar.
  7. I'm sure the quality on the AW-1 is better but the depth is almost the same as my AW100
  8. Holy frack that is some shot. I checked out some of your other photos on Fickr and see that you are an amazing photographer. thanks for sharing your work.
  9. great video! I really enjoyed the cohesiveness of the music with the subject and footage edits. Very enjoyable.
  10. No, I haven't received a reply
  11. Awww shoot, and I just bought the current version. Oh well, such is life. Interested to hear more nevertheless
  12. #3 in the first set works the best for me and I like #2 in. The second set
  13. From my limited experience with the two I own these are good strobes
  14. I love little cayman. Although I believe Granada is more lush top side
  15. This video was posted about a month or so ago. I that version there is sub titles states the dolphin wouldn't let him remove the hook. Also in this version the subtitle states he uses scissors but the video clearly shows a knife. I only mention this because it would seem the video has made its rounds and is perhaps being altered. Here is the original post and video link. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49299&hl=dolphin It is still an amazing video
  16. Nice. I love the colour, clarity and of course, the subject. A very enjoyable video.
  17. Good perspective. Thanks. Also, i like the suggestion in post suggesting minimum diving experience and training restrictions
  18. is there another perspective to this? as the original poster states, they are no longer planning to go to Sipidan. If a large number of others follow suit for similar reasons then tourism would decrese. This would be good for the reef but bad for the economy. the other questions is, are photographers the ones doing the majority of the damage. I've seem plenty of cameraless divers with horendous bouyancy skill.
  19. Haha, attitudes toward nudity really are different in NA. Sad
  20. That is a realy nice image. Rather than over exposed I feel the contrast could be dialed back. Nevertheless, still an excellent photograph. Since your looking for 4/3 system there are better people to advise you here. However, the Olympus OMD-EM5 seems to be quite positively reviewed.
  21. i have used it on my 5D II. i found it a bit ticky to get working. it had a number of features that work but ultimately i found it too awkward. I was able to achieve the results i was after with other methods that worked better.
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