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  1. Heh, I bet you could clone that out !!! (Joking). Would have been a nice shot otherwise!!!
  2. Canon announced something??
  3. First shot is amazing! Nick
  4. I dont really know the answer to that. My histograms are sometimes far left but the shot looks good. I rarely brighten any of these up (in fact you can see in one of the second set of shots the white rock is blown out a bit) I do have some in darker caves where you just have to move i closer and sacrifice the Wideness, these I do sometimes brighten Sometimes the histogram is not telling you whats important I guess. EDIT: It could also be your strobes I guess. The YS250s are monster strobes. If I shoot full power, they are far too powerful for anything in the foreground. Do you have a chance to borrow a set of those or some other more powerful strobes and try them ? Nick
  5. ...and if the cave is very bright you can use less exposure again these are f/6.3, ISO 320, 1/125
  6. I am shooting a D300 at f/5.6, 1/125th ISO 400 with two YS-250s on around 1/2 power with a sigma 10-20 I do get a green shift on far-away objects so if the subject is a diver and far back, need to play with WB to make the skin look reasonable. What size area are you trying to light up ? Nick
  7. I believe you can as the EV Controller just needs to see the flash to activate. I Don't know anything about TTL though but it seems like it ought to work at least.
  8. Congratulations. I am just amazed with you schedule that you found the time to get married
  9. The first and second to last are just stunning. Unbelievable. How many camerapersons did you go through ??
  10. Thats an awesome shot. Didn't get to do as much cave diving as I had hoped in 2010, but I do like this shot...
  11. Thanks. The next article is going to be on diving the (presumed) "USS Burns" off of San Clemente Island, a really awesome Fletcher class destroyer sunk for target practice in the 70s, sitting in 220-270 feet. gary fabian from www.ub88org was kind enough to let me use his research, and dan bramley allowed the use of his stills (my camera wont work at those depths) This is IMO the best wreck in Southern California....
  12. Heh, thanks! Looks like I have an article in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue too...
  13. Thanks Allison! The sub is a really nice dive (but check out the Jan/Feb issue for something even better I also hope the magazine survives as I love print magazines. I am submitting as much stuff as I can to try to help it get going... Nick
  14. Crap, well I am stuck with the 50s for now, so I will have to see how they work out before I can bite the bullet and upgrade. The RSU sometimes works in the dark but not always.
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