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  1. Get rid of those annoyingly bulky sync cords and enjoy the speed and reliability of fiber optic cables to control your strobes. This unit has received minimal use and comes with batteries installed. Brand new this will cost $220. I will sell this for $150. Please call me at 406-360-3141
  2. I bought this housing brand new from Reef Photo and used it with great love and care (never flooded) since the summer of 2012. I had the Nauticam vacuum system installed last year but it will need an M16 Valve because I needed to take it off for my new 5DMKIV housing. The housing was fully cleaned and serviced in February of 2016 and it has only been in the water (freshwater at that) once since. My price is $2,150 which I am told is fair. You probably already know what you are looking at it if you are at Wetpixel but if you want to read more about the housing you can learn more about it at the Nauticam website. Below is a picture of the actual housing I am selling but you can see a lot more pics here. I have done my best to document the normal wear and tear as it appears but this is a fully functional housing that only needs a camera and a port to go under. Contact me with questions.
  3. I have one I am preparing to list for sale. It has been fully updated and has the vacuum electronics installed. I just uploaded a bunch of pics I took here. Interested? Where would I need to ship to?
  4. Thanks so much for the quick response. I am scared of ML. I have only one camera body and I am fearful that something will go awry. I like the idea of a follow focus. Were you using that from 3:50 to 4:14 in your video? Everything remains crisp there and you don't suffer from the AF "focus hunt" and whirring sound I have lamented so! I just bought a manual focus gear for my Macro lens/port but to do the same for my wide angle would be yet another $750. Ugh!! What an expensive passion to have.
  5. Nice! Did you solely use AF for all the wide angle or did you use any MF?
  6. Hi all: This video is from 1 year ago in Raja Ampat and I am about to go back again in 2.5 weeks. Would love some helpful feedback before I leave if anyone has any. Thank you. www.billmcdavid.com
  7. Nice. What kind of tripod are you using? I seem to only wrestle with mine.
  8. Hi all: Feedback on this would be much appreciated. Going back soon to Raja Ampat for my third trip and I plan on shooting a little more video this time than usual. I am shooting with my Canon 5dmkIII in a Nauticam housing. I am wondering whether anyone has had much success using a manual focus ring for wide angle video shooting on a DSLR? AF works fine I guess but there is always that annoying "focus hunt" that occurs (with the accompanying whirring sound). It seems like I could benefit from the initial AF but then fine tune a moving subject with manual. However, it is spendy to buy this and I don't want to waste my money if it is too difficult or problematic to use. Any thoughts?
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