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  1. Good evening, It takes a long time to master some could say you never stop learning which for me is the case, I think you need to master the easy things first, creatures which don't move a round much with a Marco lens strobe position is easier as strobe arms are normally very short. I also have practiced at home with lighting subjects laying on the floor which gives you an idea what you are lighting. Workshops are the best way to learn I have been on quite a few now where you meet other like minded divers. the amount you learn from each other is quite remarkable, on all trips I've been on repetitive dives on the same dive site with the natural light changing also helps. Andy.
  2. Hi you could try Paul Kay, he is the importer in the UK for Seacam. Regards, Andy.
  3. Hi, I keep mine in two safes locked away but all in cleaned & dried before I shut the door. I do keep batteries charged & discharged, as I try to keep them in top condition. regards, Andy
  4. Hi, its a question that gets asked a lot, it can be broken down into many areas like budget, what fits you or what I should say is your hands. All housings do the job & fit all budgets most manufacturers make most of the housings for the main Nikon/ Canon models. Budgets as you already know its not just the housing, its view finders/ ports/ strobes/strobe arms/zoom gears/bags to carry all your gear. You will get many different answers all I would say is try out as many housings as you can before you make your mind up. Andy.
  5. Hi, as I read the posts all I can say I follow manufacturers instructions, for me I re-assemble my housing once at home leave it to soak in cold water ( I live in a hard water area). press all buttons, then dry it off, once dry give a light coat of Seacam oil which soaks into the metal which leaves it perfect ive just sold my D800 housing which was spot less, now I've a D850. This is the way Seacam promotes their customers to look after their housings. Andy.
  6. Hi I had both they are both great cameras I found I was using the D800e more, you can see a slight difference you can get very good second hand body which is what I did with the D800e, what I would say is use good quality lens it does make a difference. Andy
  7. Hi always look to see were the light is coming from, I always start f11, 60th the check the blues & saturation, keep strobe power down so you don't over expose, I try to shoot slightly under exposed, you can do a little correction in PS, slightly harder when over exposed, I will always adjust shutter & aperture when I'm shooting, then I can pick the image thats best. just keep shooting & learning, regards Andy.
  8. I just fold my arms in, with a rope handle above the handles for boat crew to grab never had any problems, always show the boat crew how to hold my rig. just my thoughts, Andy
  9. Thanks for everyones interest Seacam housing & Nikon body NOW SOLD. Thanks, Andy.
  10. For sale Nikon D800 Seacam Housing for sale in excellent condition very clean always oiled after use, complete with Seacam spares kit, also Nikon D800e in very good condition. Seacam Housing £1600 GBP + postage, Nikon D800e body £550 GBP + postage, Both Housing + Body £2000 GBP + postage. Thanks for your interest, Andy No view finder or ports with the sale
  11. I rise with clear water on resort, then when I get home soak all my items in a tank normally over night pressing all functions buttons. then leave to dry, I dry port glass then clean all marks off the glass, once all dry, I maintain my housing as per manufacturers recommendations so in my case lightly old once dry, store until next time. Andy.
  12. Ive always made mine form old dive suits sleeves make great covers Andy
  13. Good evening perhaps the question to be asked is how do the the Ikelite D850 users find it, as it is not just the housing to change over its the ports as well, I would say both housings have their pluses & minuses as I don't think their is a perfect solution, If you are happy with what you know why change. Only my views, regards, Andy
  14. I say use the one your housing manufacturer recommends then you will never have to concern your self which one should I use. Andy
  15. Hi you could try Paul Kay Seacam importer in the UK he sometimes have second hand housings for sale Andy
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