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  1. Hello, a recent review of the nikon d200 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond200/page22.asp seems to back the dynamic range issue. Canon is slight ahead of Nikon in the hightlight dynamic range, Nikon is better in the shadows. Here´s the comparison: Camera (ISO 100) Shadow range Highlight range Usable range Nikon D200 -5.0 EV 3.2 EV 8.2 EV Canon EOS 5D -4.7 EV 3.5 EV 8.2 EV Nikon D2X -5.5 EV 2.7 EV 8.2 EV Canon EOS 20D -5.1 EV 3.4 EV 8.4 EV You can assume that with advancing technology the highlight range will get better and better untill it surpasses slide film. Heureka abelic.net
  2. I use a 105 plus Tokina 2x converter which I heard is the best for af. But I don´t use AF anyway. Focus is very hard to achieve and the af is not very reliable for supermacro. So you dial in the aperture at f32 which is the most useable for lifesize and double life size, set the focus and move back and forth till you get the optimum. When there´s a current as in my picture with the pygmy seahorse You waste the whole film for one shot. Without current it´s not hard. The tiny depth of field produces stunning results as does the tele effect (210mm on 24x36). On my travel to Sipadan this was the "most successfull film" regarding pictures useable for the portfolio. And because of the tele You can do pictures of shy animals normally hard to achieve eg. eye of a remora or blue spotted stingray. Have a look. http://abelic.net
  3. I have this one. Shot in Sipadan Jan 05 Cheers, Andrej www.abelic.net
  4. I had my lever retrofitted on the F100 housing, so I can use ISO. Was just a phone call and Harald sent it to me. Everything works with this baby.
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