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  1. Thanks for the comments Don, just a question where is the PMA going to be. thanks
  2. Hi all! This looks like it would be a great tool (live histograph) does anyone that owns this camera (Olympus C-5060) use this tool when taking UW photo's? And if not is there a reason.
  3. This might be alittle of topic, but just wondering if anyone has done are resort dives as a beginner. I love to snorkel and was decieding on doing a few resort dives just to see how I like scuba diving.
  4. Just wondering how good this camera works for UW photography? Considering this camera and the PT-20 case. As you can see by my name im just a snorkeler, I just got back from tahiti and man I wish I would have had an UW camera. Plan on going to the Caribbean in March and I don't want to be without a nice quailty UW camera. thanks
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