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  1. I love my 16gb iPod Touch. It makes a good photo album (though not nearly as good as my Epson P-2000), it does a great job of playing movies, it handles e-mail well (with the new download), and it even plays music. What I really would like are a better picture viewer (more resolution, more zoom) and a .pdf viewer. The .pdf viewer is my greatest wish. That way I could store manuals, travel information, pictures (?), books, etc. The e-mail program will show .pdfs, but its not a good way of storing them. Still, it works in a pinch. I use one of my e-mail accounts to hold messages with each containing a .pdf. When I have wi-fi, I can view the .pdfs. I can even read .pdf magazines like x-ray and uwphoto. Actually, I guess there's a third thing that is high on my list. Flash video compatibility. David
  2. I have an Tokina 12-24, but I have always used it with the +2 diopter, so I can't really compare with and without. Its nearly new (only a couple of dives) and I will sell it for a reasonable price. I'm going to move on to a 10-17. PM me if you're interested. US warranty with all packaging. Brand new condition. David
  3. Thank you for editing. I'd rather see 35 carefully selected and edited shot instead of all 500 (or however many) that you shot. What kind of camera and lens were you using? I love diving up there. There is so much variety of life. I was on the Vision a couple of months ago. Loved my new drysuit, too. David
  4. I hear ya. I want to dump my barely used Tokina 12-24 to buy a 10-17. Anybody want to buy a like new 12-24? David
  5. I couldn't tell when the deadline turned out to be, so here are a couple of my favorites. Caption: I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille. Location: Shiprock, Catalina, California Gear: Nikon D80, Ikelite Housing, Nikon 60mm lens, Woody diopter, Ikelite DS125 strobe Description: I knew this nudi was in a great position out on a small branch, but I could only hope that the photo was in focus. The skin texture and the transition from purple two orange were just exceptional. Caption: Yep, I'm another Garibaldi, but a real nice one. Location: Casino Point, Catalina, California Gear: Nikon D80, Ikelite Housing, Nikon 60mm lens, Ikelite DS125 strobe Description: My new dSLR setup was brand new. There's nothing better than a Garibaldi for a patient model. They're bold, curious, and brightly colored. Caption: Who says the fish in California are boring? Location: Casino Point, Catalina, California Gear: Nikon D80, Ikelite Housing, Nikon 60mm lens, Ikelite DS125 strobe Description: I was experimenting with bluring the background, so I took the photo at a hard angle to the surface, throwing everything in the back out of focus. I didn't realize that the little piece of kelp was perfectly positioned and focused until afterwards. Thanks for looking David
  6. NDR = Not Diving Related SDR = Semi Diving Related I forgot which board I was on. Those are often used in subject lines on Scubaboard.com. Most of the D80 features that I like have nothing to do with diving. Now that the 40D was announced, those 30Ds will be getting cheaper.
  7. Things I like about my Nikon D80: The grip - its a bit larger than the XTi. My hand fits it much better (NDR) The function button - I program it to act as the focus mode selector (NDR) Two control dials - one for aperature and one for shutter speed (SDR - easier to control in the housing) Top LCD - I like having this display, although the Canon's LCD display is also nice (SDR - Canon's method is probably more useful underwater) I can't think of anything about it that makes it preferable for diving. Either camera would be just fine. David
  8. ScubaSpen Congrats on your new purchase. What you bought is also the core of my system. Did you buy a dome for the Tokina? I bought the 8". David
  9. f/22 works for me! David Shutter: 1/100 sec Aperature: f/22 ISO: 100 D80, 60mm lens, woody diopter, flat port
  10. Hi Marc, I checked out your website and enjoyed it. It was a little bright and "peppy" for my taste, but no objectionable. The one thing that I didn't like was that the photos were so small. When I clicked on the thumbnail, the photo that came up was only about 400x300, about 4x the thumbnail size. I would prefer that the photos be more like 1024 x 768, or larger. I think that people expect a larger photo when they click on a thumbnail, so they won't be offended if it is larger than their screen resolution. I expect a more detailed photo so that I can better view your work. With such small photos, its not worth click on the thumbnail, so I don't get to really experience your photography. Overall, very nice. I want to create a website of my own, one of these days. David
  11. You can also stick a macro port in places where you wouldn't want to put a dome. If you're trying to get as close as possible to a subject for maximum magnification, you are likely to scratch a dome. Domes can also be harder to work around to light your subject with a strobe. David
  12. My suggestions for the BBG is to get down low for the photos - or look for one on a ledge that is at eye level. This is one of my favorites so far. Here's another one that was a little overexposed. I'll have to see if I can salvage something from the .raw file. David
  13. I second that thought about it being really small. That makes it a good backup. As a primary for me, its too small. I thought the Canon 300/350/400 had too small of a grip. The D40(x) has a similarly small grip and is shorter such that my pinky doesn't have anywhere to go. I like the D80 grip best (which is what I have). For underwater, the size difference between the D40 and a larger camera won't make the system much smaller, overall, although it does help. Once you add arms, strobes, and maybe an 8" dome, you probably won't notice the size difference as much. You also probably won't notice the cost savings as much - once you have bought all of the other components of a complete kit. David
  14. I wouldn't buy a dSLR and housing now and hope that Nikon will get around to releasing a 60mm AF-S macro lense later. That takes more faith than I have. You could use the Nikon 105, but its harder to use and cost twice as much, besides being good only for really clear water. For wide angle, you have the Nikon 12-24 but it cost $900. You can't use the Tokina 12-24 because it is not AF-S. You might consider the Nikon 17-55/f2.8, but its $1200. People have been talking about the Sigma 17-70 (only $400), but its not AF-S. The Nikon 18-55 and 18-70 are tolerable but not particularly appropriate. In the end, your might get a marginally better sensor, and you'll save a couple hundred on the body, but you'll pay MUCH more to get the glass that you need - or you'll have to give up auto-focus. I think buying the D40x is what my mom would call "penny wise and pound foolish". David
  15. I second the vote for black and white. Don't just convert from color to grayscale. Try desaturating. David
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