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  1. CA glue is not 100% waterproof. It will dissolve over time.
  2. I can't tell from your narative -- have you shot this camera, housing, and lens combo underwater without the hotshoe connected? Does it work consistently without the hotshoe and fails only with the hotshoe connected? Have you done it again recently as a control? My money is on a mechanical problem with the buttons hitting early. Depth can make this more probable. I would probably try a paper shim inside the housing between the camera and the backplate to provide slightly more clearance and try it again. I shoot exactly the same setup with either one or two DS-125 strobes. I have never seen a 99 underwater. I did have one shooting dry without the housing. It was a lens seating problem. What firmware version is in your 20D?
  3. sounds like a problem all right. Mine has never had that problem. Clean the contacts and try it again, then try a different lens.
  4. The 100USM works nicely underwater behind a flat port. For macro, the TTL in the Ikelite housing and DS-125 works well. You should get some good shots right away. Try going manual on the camera at f8.0 or higher f stop and 1/100 or so and let TTL light the scene. If you are very close to the subject a higher F stop will give you a little more depth of field. I don't know what the 18-55 will do underwater, but it could work out ok for fish portrait type shots.
  5. I would say that you failed to lock one of the port clips. When locked, I can't see any way they can pop loose short of breaking. That 'dinky' Ikelite system has been working for 1000's of photographers on 1000's of housings for many years.
  6. Olympus has a questionable track record in this respect. The old Olympus OM SLR was a fine camera, but alas, Olympus orphanned it and the lens mount. When they did. all third party support died too.
  7. Also, Ikelite clamps work fine with the ULCS oring arms, so no need to trash the clamps IMHO
  8. Cutting circles from plastic milk cartons is a time honored method for making diffusers.
  9. From Ike's website "The Smart Charger is configured to charge both Ni-cad and NiMH battery packs." Ryan (reefphoto) is definitely shipping the new charger and battery packs as i got one from him last week.
  10. The new charger works for both battery packs i'm pretty sure. Ryan has the new chargers.
  11. They really meant it in a good way when they said to send it all to them and they would figure it out for you. Ike's customer service is second to none. It was apparently a communication problem. Try as we might, sometimes we (and I mean either side) just don't get our point across well, especially if we are already frustrated.
  12. Hijack warning-------- I take it the D80 can turn off the pre-flash, hence the ability to use SB-105 strobes? And Canon cameras can't disable pre-flash, hence the unpopularity of SB strobes on Canons?
  13. Ok, the OP didn't say anything about a DS-50 in the mix, so Richard's original post was confusing. With (2) DS-125 there is no reason to change the switch as I suspected.
  14. Where did you get the information that (2) DS-125 strobes means you should change the TTL switch to DS-50 setting?
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