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  1. Hello Need advice on choosing Subsee +5 or +10 for using with a Sony RX-100. I understand +10 will give me greater magnification (which I prefer) but I am worry about getting way too close to the subject to get it in focus. On the other hand, +5 will give me less magnification but I won't need to get so close to the subject to get it in focus. Any advice, please? Thanks a lot!
  2. Control. I like to have control and play with the possibilities a working flash's exposure compensation can give. Also, I have been using this rig for less than 2 month, so I still need to check how the TTL works on a variety of light situations. Thanks for your quick response, Interceptor121.
  3. Hello. I have been using a Sony RX-100 with a Nauticam housing and a Sea & Sea 110a strobe, in TTL mode. Underwater, the exposure compensation of the camera's flash does not work. I bracket it from 0 to -1 and to -2 and nothing changes in the exposure of the subject lit by the flash. I do the same test "overwater", with the camera in the housing, and the flash's exposure compensator works! I use aperture (apples's software) to import my pictures and I noticed on the EXIF info, under flash exposition, I get "Return Light not detected" on underwater pictures, while on the "overwater" pictures I got "Return Light Detected". Is this the problem? any ideas? Despite of this issue, the TTL system provides a very smooth and nice light. Best regards Fabio
  4. As I cannot create a new topic, I will use this one. Looking for opinions to decide: Canon G15 + Patima housing X Sony RX-100 + Patima Housing. With Patima housing, both cameras can use truly wide angle lens (W.A. is my passion) In my opinion, Canon G15 + Patima has these pros: -Hot shoe. Meaning you can use a sync cable and depend only on the external strobe recycling time to fire several shots -Super fast lens, even using telephoto, with F/2.8 -More physical buttons. Meaning less hassle with menus -Macro mode -N.D. filter. very useful for taking sun ball shots Cons: -Historically Canon's slow auto focus -TTL cannot be use in manual mode -Smaller sensor Sony RX-100 + Patima Pros: -Bigger sensor -TTL can be use in manual mode -Much better video capabilities -Fast auto focus Cons: -F/4.5 in telephoto -Lack of hot shoe. You can only use optic cable, depending on the internal strobe which can take up to 10 seconds to recycle -Lack of N.D. filter -No macro mode I would like to see your opinions PS: Patima is about to release its housing for Canon G15 PS 2: sorry about my poor english grammar Good dives and great pics to everyone!!!
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