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  1. To add a bit of personal experience to this thread. I worked for Greenpeace as a photographer this summer during its Mediterranean campaign which sort to demonstrate against the wholesale slaughter of bluefin tuna. The amount of money invested in scooping every tuna - no matter its size, from the water was astronomical. The catch quota is well below the amount the boats are capable capacity - by hundreds of times. The correctly sized fish caught are dispatched to markets straight away and anything too small is put into pens and transported to fattening farms. This takes out pretty much all the fish out of the chain. The fish are pulled for weeks across the sea at 1 knot to the fattening farms and quite a few die enroute. All of this takes place in international waters and by boats from various nations - Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Greece. They work together and separately - its a very confusing industry to get a grip of. And there is a huge amount of money tied up in it. I would love to see common sense prevail around the tuna industry and in fact all fishing industries, but money these days seems to win out. I hope the likes of Greenpeace and WWF and the other organisations keep the pressure on. They almost won through this year.
  2. Hi I'm looking for a medium format housing. I don't have the camera yet, so i'm interested in any housing. Thanks
  3. You could always buy a second hand top end slide scanner. Nikon and Polaroid made (or maybe still make) outstanding slide scanners. I used to use them until I went digital which was only a couple of years ago. Shots scanned on my Polaroid have been used in advertising billboard campaigns so there is nothing wrong with them. Alternately if you want even better quality a drum scan is the way to go
  4. I agree with eric and Canuc. I use a Macbook Pro with Aperture. Before decided which system to use I tested both Aperture and Lightroom extensively. I'm a Pro photographer so the ultimate decision was important as its like signing up to Canon or Nikon (The latter being the only choice - sorry Canon users, just a bit of a joke). Anyway. If you have never used either system then by all means test them both (You can get free month trails I believe), but you may not have a system preference if you are coming at Macs fresh. Therefore decide what features are important to you and see if they have them. What swung me was the ability to shoot tethered a feature available in Aperture, so I went for that - even though I was used to using Adobe products and liked to feel of Lightroom. In the end I relearned Aperture and am now pleased I did. That said Lightroom is fantastic and some of my friends use it and swear by it. They wouldn't touch Aperture. At the end of the day it is what fits your working style and photographic needs most
  5. Another wildlife photography forum I watch and sometime post on has just had a captive dolphin picture posted. This got me thinking. Personally I am totally against the keeping of large sea animals - dolphins, whales, whalesharks and mantas in captivity. I would therefore never even think about photographing them - unless it was to show their suffering in captivity. But what do others think about this. Ok perhaps it is not underwater photography as such, but Do you think that this type of photography has a role to play in wildlife photography?
  6. Owing to me upgrading to 110s and wining another strobe I am offloading a couple of Sea&Sea YS90 Duos. I'd prefer to sell as a pair, but might consider splitting if the price is right. They are great strobes ideal for DSLRs and Compacts. 12 power settings and good coverage. I'm UK based, but happy to send anywhere in the world as long as buyer pays the postage. Make me a serious offer in the region of £350 for the pair. gavin@h2o-images.co.uk
  7. The shame of it is, that juvenile manta will probably never see its natural environment. Pelagic species should never, under any circumstances, be kept in captivity. Mantas and whalesharks range so widely across the tropics that even the largest tank in the world is like locking them in a tiny room. I wish some people would think about that before saying how wonderful it is. Just another creature locked up in captivity. Gavin Remember: Just because we can, doesn't mean we should!
  8. I don't post very often, but this is my kind of thread, so thought I'd bung in my thoughts on the matter. I think the ability to produce a flatly lit, sharp picture are the great things that digital imaging has done. However, that doesn't make the snapper a photographer. What it has done, as most pros recognise is dilute the water as it where. Most people tend to copy others and so with statistically less photographers experimenting and producing new ideas there is less to aspire to. People see an ordinary shot of say a clownfish that is sharp and they copy that. They never see the new angles or approaches with lighting that could be used to photograph that same subject. Is there a place to lay blame for this? Possibly, I think one is the rather poor imagery produced in some diving magazines. Most new photographers use monthly publications as a source of inspiration and some can't even manage to publish a decent image.
  9. Here's the image I'm most pleased about from a trip to the polar bear capital of the world. Its taken with a D2x with 12-24mm zoom in a Nexus housing,
  10. I've just done a test shoot with a model in a pool - spent 4 hours in the place and she used MAc make up. She only needed to reapply eyeliner once - the rest stayed on perfectly
  11. Dive Master Insurance has a German arm and has excellent travel, equipment and camera cover. www.dive-master.net . I've used them for many years and always been pleased with the service and policies.
  12. Hi all I have for sale a Sea&Sea housing system for a Nikon D70 the details are as follows: Sea&Sea housing - excellent condition Sea&Sea fisheye port - very good condition Sea&Sea flat port (for 60mm) - excellent condition 2x Sea&Sea YS90 Auto DUO strobes - excellent condition Dual strobe lead (the housing has one flash port so I have a Sea&Sea split cable) 2x bendy flash arms Aperture ring for nikon lenses plus spare o-rings This really is all you need to get going except for the camera and lenses. It has been well looked after and is only little used. The kit is based in the UK, but I will ship overseas - although buyer pays for postage and packing. The whole kit is up for only £1400 ono. Pictures are available on request. Contact me at gavin@h2o-images.co.uk or pm me at wetpixel
  13. Hi I am in the process of updating a diving destinations guide in the UK. One thing I am doing is putting quotes from divers on each location. Would you be able to spare a moment and write a line on your favourite destination or one of your favourites. Please include your name and profession. The quotes will go into the guide. please mail themn to me at gavin@h2o-images.co.uk Thanks in advance Gavin
  14. I have a Sea&Sea D70 housing for sale plus a Sea&Sea fisheye dome port and a standard flat macro port Will split or sell as one. I also have the dual flash lead with the housing as well. I'm UK based but happy to ship (buyer pays shipping) pm me for details
  15. hi All I'm in the market for some new strobes (I have S&S YS90s at the mo). I need something with a bit more power, but not too much. Looking for lightweight (for travelling), with good manual controls. Anyone got any suggestions? Cheers Gav
  16. I don't normally post stuff about competitions, but just found a new one I l think would be of interest to you guys. It's web based, but located in the UK, although I think anyone can enter. It's a monthly thing by the look of it. It's on a site called indepths - check it out
  17. UK members may have seen my picture in the Mirror, Metro and Sun newspapers. It's highly commended in the Shell Wildlife Phoographer of the Year this year. There's a portfolio online at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/galleries...llery_type_id=3
  18. If you are reading Mr Bantin's article flick through a few pages until you reach mine as well. 'The mafia Connection'
  19. D70 and Sea&Sea housing (with ports) FS Little used underwater photographic kit for sale. It comprises a Nikon D70 camera (excellent condition), a sea&Sea housing, 60mm macro port and fisheye dome port. Aperture gear ring, and dual strobe lead is also included. There are no lenses or strobes with the unit. All are in excellent condiiotn and have been well looked after. Cost is £1800 ono plus P&P and I am happy to ship anywhere. Also happy to supply pics of system
  20. well I finally got around to housing my Nikon D2X, so am now officially playing with the big boys again. I took my Nexus housing to Tobago last week, and apart from a few teething problems with flash arms now fitting (yes I should have checked before I went) all went well. Posts will be forthcoming when I get time
  21. Ok I have upgraded to a different camera and housing set up so this little used piece of kit is now surplus to requirements. What's on offer: 1 Nikon D70 camera - perfect condition and has been only little used since I bought it late year. Even then it has only really been used in the housing. 1 Sea & Sea D70 housing. This is the Aluminium front and toughened plastic back model. It is lightweight, has full controls for the camera and is a thoroughly lively piece of kit. With that comes a macro port: for the nikon 60mm lens And a Fisheye Dome port - the big one And the dual flash sync cord so you can fire 2 sea&sea flashguns. Both ports are older than the housing as I had them on my older Sea&Sea housing, but are in good condition as i've looked after them. I also have spare O-rings, grease etc. The lenses don't come with it because I am using them with my new system. Although I do have a 16mm lens which its also for sale seperately if you are interested. I have pics of all the kit if anyone is interested I can email it to them. I'll take offers in the region of £1800
  22. Hi does anyone know if I can use my exisiting YS90DX strobes (I have two) on nexus housings. I'm looking at the D2X housing, but assume it'll be the same connctor an the D70. If not what's a good flash combo for the Nexus. Thanks Gav
  23. My last Sea&sea YS120 Duo strobe units is being sold on ebay. These are great strobe units and I love them to bist, but have upgraded so this is now surplus to requirements. Check it out: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 I also have a slide scanner on there as well item number 7614773684
  24. Hi I have a Sea&Sea YS120 Duo flash on ebay. It's a good unit. I love this flash, but have upgraded so it is now surplus t requirements. check it out at: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  25. I have a Nikonos flash lead for sale. I used it with a NIkonos SB105 flash, but this was my spare lead and now I have no use for it. Does anyone need one. If so send me an offer to gavin@h2o-images.co.uk I'm based in the UK, but will post overseas as well.
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