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  1. Sony VX1000 and Amphibico housing for sale. The housing comes in a hardcase with deep water filter saddle. Both are in good condition as I've never really found the time to use them (I'm too busy with stills). I'm based in UK so the unit is PAL. Pictures of the system are available, just drop me an email to gavin@h2o-images.co.uk for full details
  2. being in the UK I love BBC wildlife (even had a couple of pics in there myself), but the best (in my humble opinion) nature magazine is Nature's Best www.naturesbestmagazine.com
  3. Talking of motion blur - what do people prefer front curtain or rear curtain? Personally I'm a rear man B)
  4. It has nothing to do with diving but Rod MacDonald's Into the Abyss is a fantastic and gripping read. Well worth a Christmas present for any dive nut! Other than that (a little off topic this) I rewatched Blue Planet over the weekend and it is fantastic.
  5. Sony VX1000 3CCD video camera with Amphibico housing for sale. Comes in a hard case and in good condition. The camera isn't particularly new, but has been used only a little and has just had a new ribbon cable fitted. I'm selling as I just don't do enough video to justify owning the kit. All in for £1400 ono. That includes camera, housing, two batteries, cables, firewire cable (to connect to PC or Mac) and hardcase. Contact gavin@h2o-images.co.uk for details/images etc
  6. Thanks DeanB I'll give them a try and mention your name.
  7. Oh I fancy giving Lanzarote a try. DeanB whereabouts did you see the eels? and who did you dive with? cheers mate
  8. I've just had a look at the link Alex supplied and think his stuff is brilliant. I wonder how the hell he got that close to Garden eels. I've tried over and over and over again and still no luck.
  9. Thanks for your comments and I hope more get added as well. I do agree that magazine editors and publishers are partly to blame for some poor images and images with the sun at the bottom of the shot and upside down sharks (that one always makes me laugh) etc, but I've also noticed some photographers which are so poor technically and artistically being consistently published. I'm a published photographer and will do my utmost to supply the best images I can. Others don't seem to have the skills to even produce them and they are still getting published. They turn up in a couple of UK magazines and I cringe whenever I see that type of shot as it makes the UK's diving photojournalists look like a bunch of amatuers who have no idea how to take a decent picture. I know its not true as the majority of published underwater photographers are very good at what they do. I do worry though sometimes what the rest of the world thinks.
  10. This is a bug bear of mine and would like other people's opinion from across the world. In the last few years I've noticed some appauling pictures being published in magazines - here in the UK and across the world. Many are by so-called 'professional underwater photographers'. When I send work in to be published, it is always the best I got from a particular shoot. If I get nothing, I don't submit the work until I can reshoot. I know this can be expensive, but that's our business for you. Are the photojournalists to blame? Or is it the magazine editors simply going for the cheap option? I won't name names, but some magazines and photojournalists are worse than others. Any good UK-based photographer will know what and who I'm talking about I'm sure. What are other people's thoughts?
  11. I've just put a few bits on ebay as I'm clearing out my cupboards as it were. There a Nikon F90 with NX90 housing plus a YS120Duo strobe. I have two strobes but only one is listed at the moment - unless someone wants both. I'm UK based but happy to post anywhere. Product numbers are: Strobe - 7564503602 Camera and housing - 7564500320
  12. I think it was from something I read somewhere - possibly Underwater photography mag (the one on the net by Pete Rowlands). I'm a long time viewer but don't get chance to post very much. I love the site though
  13. Just wondered how many UK members are going to be at the dive show this coming weekend? I'm working there, but it'd be good to know who else is there.
  14. Hi Ron I don't nornally get ointop wetpixel that much, but stopped by this morning and saw your post. I've judged a few competitions in my time and can give you a honest opinion of your images if I may. I'm saying this to give you an idea of how a judge would look at your images - all of them a brilliant shots but a few a let down a little so you may think of replacing them. Here goes: a: lovely shot which looks ordinary at first until you spot the smaller fish which lifts the image i'd definatly kep this one b: another great shot, but I'd prefer it to be either cropped tighter or the main subject positioned off centre (lower perhaps) c: Another great image, but background is a little distracting could do with being darker to pic subject out. d: Lovely image with somehting going on e: A good image as normally you only see these shrimps in close up. However there is dead space in top left of image. f: Lovely profile, but again background is distracting g: Good detail study, but could do with seahorse turned towards the photographer rather than away h: I agree with Mike on this one it is not cropped close enough to distinguish what the subject is. Otherwise a great shot i: beautiful shot - the lighter background does not disturb here. j: This image really needs a tighter crop. I hope you are not offended by my comments as I've tried to look at your selection as a judge would. They are lovely images with vibrant colours (on my screen), but you may have others which are slightly better. It is all very subjective at the end of the day as well as I have entered comptitions in the past with images which I though would do well and haven't and other which I just used to fill up categories that went on to win, so you can never really tell. Good luuck with the comp though and I hope I have helped.
  15. Two Sea&Sea YS120 Duo strobes for sale. Good quality strobes and come complete with leads. and spare O-rings. £600 for the pair ono, but will also consider splitting if necessary.
  16. Hi All. I'm still learning about my D2X on land as i wait for a few more housings to become available so I can see what they are like. I know a lot of digital guys shoot with the Sea@Sea YS 90Ds and I just wondered what people's experience with them was. I use YS 120Duos at the moment and Love them, but the 90s have several power settings which I feel would work v well with digital.
  17. hi does anyone know who imports hugyfot housings into the Uk or in Europe who I can contact regarding any forthcoming nikon D2X housing. I've got no response from emailing hugyfot direct. I want to check out all the housinmg options before commiting, although the Subal is ahead at the moment simply because they seem to actually have something ready. Thanks
  18. At the LOndon Dive Show at the weekend I was investigating who else had plans for a D2X housing and it looks like Hugyfot will also be making a D2H/X housing, but the saleperson didn't know much about it. Its also not yet on their website either.
  19. OK I got my hands on a D2X (need it for surface work as well as underwater), now I'm going on a housing hunt. I used Sea&Sea's before for F90X (many years of good and hard service), but it seems they aren't that keen on making a housing for the D2X, which means a complete change of system I suppose. I see Subal has a housing, but are there any others people know about that are around the corner?
  20. Hi All I thought i'd just say hello as I've just joinefd the forum. My name is Gavin. I'm based in the UK. I do quite a bit of work for Diver magazine over here. It's good to find a forum full of likeminded people.
  21. Hi Does anyone know if Sea&Sea are planning a DX2 housing? The D2X will be my foray into Digital (used fuilm til now) and I have S&S ports and gears etc so would prefer a compatible housing, but am not sure if they are going for this camera - does anyone know?
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