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  1. Hey Stu, your comment above caught my attention. I also have two YS120's (ran TTL with my old A90 housing) and a now a D70 + Aquatica housing. I shot manually all last year and botched / missed enough shots that I have been considering trying to get to some sort of TTL-ish mode. Maybe I just need a more methodical way to shoot manually. Got any tips? PS: I do a lot of macro. TIA
  2. I have spent about 30 min trying to do my homework here before posting but come back empty handed. I need some aiming please. I am shooting a D70 + Aquatica D70 + dual YS-120s. My first (and most recent) trip out was also my first trip w/o TTL in many years. I am committed to learn to shoot manual but I am struggling a bit. I got some decent shots but only through what feels like brute trial-and-error. I am lookiing for a pointer to an actual process or methodology to "calibrate" or "dial in" a manual stobe distances and power settings. I have seen it referred to but not seen the actual steps laid out or a link thereto. TIA Greg
  3. Been shooting N90 + Aquatica for several years and I just moved to D70 body. LOVE it on land and now time for a housing. Have to go with Aquatica D70 dual-strobe housing to retain investment in ports, etc. Price is an issue. Anyone had a particularly good purchase experience on the D70 housing lately? TIA.
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