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  1. How deep did you dive? Old Meikon housings cannot make it down below 19M
  2. very nice looking and extraordinarily compact. Wonder if they are a way negative buoyant underwater
  3. Dear March I apologise for your name's typo. Thank you again for your thoughtful feedback and now I am thinking thoroughly transforming my 10Bar to Nauticam...coz 10Bar is not moving on. I am more interested in using a 90mm macro...native from Sony cos the converted Canon lens is less fast..and I wonder my DeoTech converter works inside a Nauticam port Meanwhile I have to search solutions to use all the extension tubes from 10Bar on a Nauticam housing. Even though Nauticam is a big name here, local shops stocked only dSLRs housings and ports. Sony nex is indeed a rarity
  4. Meikon's housing is good with a fixed port, good for the 16-50 and also...30 macro
  5. I see...I depend heavily on autofocus coz my eyes did not see clearly down under
  6. Dear TomekP I visitied Aquappzza, and I did not notice any housings for newer Nex bodies say A6000. I do have a 5n which is very slow in AF I switched to a 5R/5T and with 30mm macro, these bodies do not shine. AF speed is again not impressive I coupled the lens with extension tubes and the MWD becomes a few mm only.
  7. Got the answer from your website.as you are shooting RX100 in a Acquapazza housing
  8. Dear Tomek Was it a tailor made housing?
  9. Great Macro lenses for use under local water is a big issue as the usual visibility is very poor. For bigger FF SLRs, we prefer using 50/60mm macro. Which is exactly the 30 mm macro. Using Touit 50 or Sony 90 produces other problems
  10. Yes...my worried point the the wide front being too wide to suit any of my current ports. Thought once having an a system with potential wider ports. However, after studying the dimension of A7II housing from Nauticam, I decided not to go further.
  11. TomekP...not yet....will do it tomorrow
  12. Dear March your Z12/2.8 looks so different from mine. What have you modified?
  13. Thanks Mark Twain for the detailed I looked up the specs ...of A7II's housing. The weight of 2.xKg is very close to that for any FF dSLR and I wonder if there is any real advantage of bringing A7II for still image shooting
  14. I have one time mistakenly took 50 f1.8 as the 30 macro and used it with Subsee 10+ The results were stunning Macro lens options for e mount cameras include 30mm macro 50mm f2.8 Touit Sony 90 mm f2.8 G Forgot to mention, I also have 1. add on dry close up lenses with 49mm, 67mm and 77 mm threads 2. Kenko close up extension tubes for Nex 3 A number of wet close up lenses
  15. I also have limited experience wht A7 on land ,....which I sold soon and replaced it with an A7r. I have strong doubt in their capabilities of being an underwater shooting gear...Slow AF really hurts and limited lens availability is another issue.
  16. As the owner of a D800, I have been looking for a housing for it...for a few years and now I have come across two D750. The two D750s look like present from heaven for underwater shooting Well I almost forgot there is this D750 To me D810 is THE camera for shooting underwater, if you don't mind its weight and price. The 36MP sensor is simply too important for macros...and the cropped 15MP...for longer reach as well However, D750 still makes great images with fast AF..and faster fps...which is sometimes needed in moving So to me both are great and I tend to choose D810..since the investment in housing is the same
  17. 1. Never think of bringing 18-200 down. Even on land, this lens is sloooooooooooooow in focusing. 2. A dedicated macro lens plus/minus a closeup adapter is the best solution. Be sure you bring a video torch for lighting. Currently Sony 30mm macro will do the job. A Zeiss version of 50mm selling around 1K will also be good. 3. Nauticam offers the best housing. The cost is high but the it is well justified by the depth, ergonomics, availability of ports and good after sale service. If you buy the Meikon housing, you will sooner or later know its limitations. 4. The advantages of Meikon housing a. good price, incredibly low b. light weight c. good resistance to water...my 5n Meikon did not get any leak at 40m It also suffers from several weaknesses a. The buttons cannot resist water beyond 19m (my experience) b. Lack of zoom gear c. Lack of port supporting various lenses. Obviously Meikon is selling this housing to other water/outdoor sports rather than scuba diving The rated 40m is also an obvious weakness because I have seen various plastic housings leaked at 40m
  18. 16mm for sure, and an adapter for UW at 11mm is a welcome addition. There is this super wide angle adapter for 16mm, much like the fisheye one. Make sure it works. If you want versatitliy, make sure 16-70 can be placeble. I would think of a dedicated port from Nauticam with zoom gear will fit it.
  19. Always happened for various new cameras....so nothing to worry about.
  20. Thank you for sharing. Great setup you have and detailed explanation..just got a Mark III...
  21. My buddy came back with A6000 and Touit 50M and he told me the combo was incredibly fast under water
  22. Having gone thru all your wishes, I think A6000 is the camera of choice. Needless to say EM1 is the one, if cost is not a concern but Sony A6000 answers many questions older Nex shooter like me. As the lens side, the current 50 macro 2.8 Zeiss does a decent job and the wide angle options include the 10-18 zoom and Zeiss 12/2.8. I suggest to shoot both EM5 and A6000 to decide which system to go. Olympus undboutedly has the most complete lens system with an excellent camera. Sony plays a catchup game with this A6000....I personally tested in Sony's shop and found it focuses more or less the same as A99. More tests are needed. Two of my buddies bout A6000 and the fantastic Nauticam housings.
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