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  1. Great...though....I am still waiting Nauticam to launch similar products for A7 housing Back to smallish nex...I have been using Extension tube from Kenko and 30 macro plus subsee http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51269333
  2. We a bunch of potential buyers stopped and think..twice 1. A7 housing, priced at 2800USD is not too far from D800 housing 2. the lens selection for me with native FE mount still lacking. The upcoming Zeiss macro is for E mount only. 3. The AF speed of A7 is not up to speed of a dSLR. ............can anyone persuade me to continue However the 40% size difference is huge. I was comparing the house of A7 to that of 70D...that already made a huge difference. Personally I am ready for using either both Canon/Nikon for underwater...except housing selection
  3. Excellent..can't wait for the native FE mount 50 macro.
  4. I bought a Samyang 14 f2.8 for my D800 and it was a great manual lens on a7
  5. simple problem easily solvable.. check your card's reading and writing speed in a computer..and shoot raw only. D800's file size is huge so a fast writing UDMA7 card is needed.
  6. RX100 I or II are among the best....well ahead in terms of image quality comparing to the rest of the DCs.. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aquaman-Life-Under-The-Sea/121279531274515?fref=ts
  7. There are huge difference in image quality between them...
  8. One of the tricks...shared among most cameras...is shooting in video mode. Once you spot a great photo you press your shutter.
  9. I have been using A7 in the past month, along with my D800/5D3. The image quality is incredible, size very small and the controls near perfect. With single hand I can control all my aperture, shutter, iso, etc and the viewfinder is even better than an optical one, providing both focusing and exposure information in details. I can use my old old lenses back without a problem. The catch is ...the shutter is very loud. I thought I preferred my dSLRs more but photos came back ...I found 70% were shot using A7
  10. Nauticam announced the launch of their housings http://www.nauticamusa.com/nusa/2014/1/8/housing-for-sony-a7-and-a7r.html
  11. Dear Nortoda 1 You can see the formula is quite simple A macro lens stopping down to the smallest possible aperture, highest flash sync speed, a close up filter in front of your macro plus/minus extension tube.
  12. Dear Edward...spot you on Sunday but you were too busy chatting to others. Back to A7's focusing capability. I believe what you said is quite true. I have mine for three weeks and eventually will use it for underwater...just let me know when your housing will be ready. I also bought a new D610 which seems much faster in AF...at least from my gut feeling in combination of my current Nikon glass. It won't be fair because most of my lenses used on A7 are either MF from Nikon/Canon or those Sony ones via an adapter. However, your A7 housing is even smaller than that of a D70's.
  13. Saw the prototype product. It looked only 2/3 the size of a 70D housing...
  14. Dear Xabain2003. Were you able to shoot using Meikon...Mine was not able to shoot under 19m
  15. These are different cameras. So far my Nex 5r tops at 1/160 for syn speed
  16. On day trip I ...preferred using A7 but underwaer..will ad D610 be better? At least I can use wider lenses like 14-24 or even 14 prime. Besides, the full set of macro...60/105/150 are all available. Just my thought. This also depends very much on the price of the housing. I am still thinking a DSLR has advantage.. One particular feature of A7 is its splash proof ability....in case of flooding
  17. 1. video light: leaking o ring 2. inon z240: o ring slipped out 3. Nex 5n...housing springs got caught inbetween
  18. Without the housing...I was told my newly D610 works in a D7100 housing.....with only a few button difference. I will go to a local UW exhibition to find it out.
  19. I guess David must be too busy to answer my question I am going to see the expo and buy one now
  20. I wrote to Nauticam and they have not replied yet...I believe they are very much in doubt about the system.... Anyway, I bought A7 presuming its AF being faster and phase detection AF more useful if I use EF/F mount lenses. Very pleasurable to use and images are very creamy...but still want an A7r for more pixel
  21. Currently 30/3.5 is the only option. Coupled with Subsee +ve, ext tube or dry lens, it becomes a supermacro tools.
  22. A7r must have better details...as comparing D800e vs D800. I was about the to order A7 but the quota was already full
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